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5 hours ago by 123xyz
When Azeri sentences are displayed on the homepage in the "latest contributions" list, the letter "ə" is taller than the other letters. It appears to be in a different font, or something such. Either [...]
yesterday by sabretou
Going to second that, very good change.
2 days ago by AlanF_US
I agree. We can thank gillux for that.
2 days ago by pullnosemans
awesome improvement on the drop-down lists there.
2 days ago by TRANG
Past 20 responses, it will enter my attention zone. But considering that there are other things that I really want to work on, and that I feel are higher priority, I probably won't be working on this feature [...]

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Van egy kis háza.
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Sie hat ein kleines Haus.
Ŝi havas malgrandan domon.
Hänellä on pieni talo.
Ha una casa piccola.
Lei ha una casa piccola.
Hun har et lille hus.
Er hat ein kleines Haus.
She has a small house.
Li havas malgrandan domon.
Elle a une petite maison.
Ze heeft een klein huis.
Ona ma mały dom.
У неё маленький дом.
У него маленький дом.
Ella tiene una casa pequeña.

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engWe woke to terrible news this morning.
eng"The woman with the breast qualifications got the job." is an example of a Freudian slip.
rusВсё очень быстро решится.
rusОна, наверное, забыла о своём обещании.
rusГде жили первые христиане?
rusГде находится её клиника?
rusГде находится его клиника?
rusСегодня я приехал на работу на машине.
spaSé dónde nació Tom.
spaTom siguió leyendo el libro.

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4 minutes ago
I think maybe there shouldn't be a full stop at the end of the quote. What do you think?
45 minutes ago

a Freudian slip is a mistake in speech that shows what the speaker is truly thinking.
In this case, the speaker meant to say "best".
And yes, the sentence quoted in this sentence will most likely not be translatable into other languages.
an hour ago
I've put it back to the original. I agree with halfb1t. "Great sentence." It's the sort of language you might find in a novel by Sir Walter Scott.
2 hours ago - edited 2 hours ago
En miaj oreloj "la GMO" sonas strange. (Kvazaŭ ekzistus nur unu tia organismo.)
Mi emas skribi: (la) genetike modifitaj organismoj/plantoj*
aŭ GMO-j
*(Por traduko el la angla "plantoj" certe estas pli preciza vorto).