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[ENG] Martin has requested advanced contributor [...]
18 hours ago by tiramisu
Hello everyone! I am new here and I am loving the site so far! I have recently started contributing.
I am sorry if I am making some mistakes and I hope my sentences are not too terrible. :-)

To the [...]
18 hours ago by mohammad1384
Hello and thank u for your big effort... you deserve reward
I agree with CK. Users should be given some guidelines before they can start, so they know what they should or should not do. However, as you say, the current “getting started” page, which seems to be from the early days, is terribly outdated, so we should rework it. [...]
yesterday by CK
1) Perhaps redirecting to a modified version of the Quick Start Guide would make sense. This would likely be something that would immediately help new members.

It could probably be the same text as [...]

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¿Querés saber cual es tu problema?
Do you want to know what your problem is?
Želiš li znati koji je tvoj problem?

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turTom gerçekten bundan bıkıyor.
turTom bunu okumak isteyecek.
turTom bunu yapmak istediğinden emin değil.
turTom bunu bana yaptırıyor.
turBunu yapmak zorundayım.
turBunu yaptığımız için Tom bize sinirlenecek.
turTom'a biraz zaman vermeliyiz.
turİşte, iç bunu.
finNämä solmiot ovat todella kalliita.
turTom'a bunu düşünmesi için zaman vermeliydim.

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a minute ago
Iso kirjain lauseen alkuun. :)
2 minutes ago
3 minutes ago
How would it translate into French?
26 minutes ago
Infanoj ŝategas ludi per Lego-briketoj.