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2 hours ago by CK
I still think it would be a good idea to redirect new members to a quick start guide of some sort.
5 hours ago by AlanF_US
** Tatoeba update (April 19th, 2015) **


# Redirection after registration:
* Instead of being redirected to the "Help" page after [...]
6 hours ago by pullnosemans
wicked. we need more people boosting poorly represented languages on this site. I take my hat off to this guy.
8 hours ago by TRANG
No, it's not an error.
The message you have translated is probably this one: http://prntscr.com/6xzr2e
8 hours ago by PaulP
Right. Strange that I didn't notice it when I looked for it before. But shouldn't we get an error message? I remember that I translated those messages.

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I wasn't dreaming.
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Ich träumte nicht.
Non stavo sognando.
Io non stavo sognando.
No estaba soñando

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turTaze kaşarı mı seversin yoksa eski kaşarı mı?
araيقبينما تتزلج على حلبة التزلج
turKaşar peyniri sever misin?
turMary ve Charlie'nin hayatlarını kurtarayım derken ben inciniyordum.
araاندفع الناس على متن السفينة باتجاه المخرج الخلفي .
turMary gözüme gözükmesin.
turSesimi bile tanımayan bir kadın beni nasıl olur da sevdiğini iddia edebilir?
araتتفحص البنت مؤخرة دراجتها الهوائية .
engThe prize is wrong.
turFiyat yanlış.

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3 minutes ago
Jeanneton prend sa faucille
et s'en va couper du jonc.

Janjo prenas falĉileton
por rikolt' de la gazon'.


57 minutes ago
That's the strange point: one says "today United States and Japan are playing" or "the US' and Japan's teams" or else, but not "United States and the Japanese team", eh? The expressions should mirror, apparently.
an hour ago
Entiendo, pero "Estados Unidos" también puede significar "el equipo de Estados Unidos", como en la oración "Hoy juegan Estados Unidos y Japón".