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yesterday by sabretou
Going to second that, very good change.
yesterday by AlanF_US
I agree. We can thank gillux for that.
yesterday by pullnosemans
awesome improvement on the drop-down lists there.
2 days ago by TRANG
Past 20 responses, it will enter my attention zone. But considering that there are other things that I really want to work on, and that I feel are higher priority, I probably won't be working on this feature [...]
2 days ago by 123xyz
I have filled out the form. Since I see that the form is not very new, how many forms do you wish to collect before implementing the feature, i.e. establishing whether it's worth it?

Also, how com [...]

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Min mor tillod mig at gå i biografen.
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Mia patrino permesis min iri al kinejo.
Mi mamá me dio permiso para ir al cine.
Tɛemmed-iyi yemma ad dduɣ ɣer ssinima.
Meine Mutter erlaubte mir, ins Kino zu gehen.
My mother permitted me to go to the movies.
My mum let me go to the movies.
Ma mère m'a autorisée à aller au cinéma.
Ma mère m'a autorisé à aller au cinéma.
(はは)(わたし)映画(えいが)()く の を (ゆる)してくれた 。
Моя мама разрешила мне пойти в кино.

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hunMaradj velünk ma este.
hunLépjen be, kérem.
hunKöszönjük a gyümölcsöt.
hunKöszönjük az ajánlatot.
rusДоброе утро! Не теряй меня, уехала к маме. На всякий случай, рассол в холодильнике, холодильник на кухне.
spaEsta es una gran noticia.
epoVia trajno ekiras de la kajo 10.
epoVia trajno ekiras de la kajo 10.
epoTomo fermis la butikon.
epoMi ne bezonas skribotablon.

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2 minutes ago
I wish "Esta es una gran noticia" is ok. Thank you.
8 minutes ago
#3813702 kaj #3814301 havas sencon malsaman al la Esperanta frazo.
37 minutes ago - edited 2 minutes ago
L'une des traductions françaises semble ne pas correspondre :
La porte ne se ferme pas. (#3814301)