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4 hours ago by sacredceltic
>I personally don't think just "lack of grammar errors" is enough for an OK tag.

It's funny how a simple tag and judgment such as "OK", or a behaviour such as adopting a sentence can mean so many different [...]
5 hours ago by CK
I scanned the original post. I didn't read the original post carefully, since I find it tedious to read so much text that doesn't have proper capitalization, so I may have missed a few things.

Here are my opinions on the 2 things that have been suggested. [...]
21 hours ago by CK
2 points concerning what Odexed wrote....

I was misquoted. I never said "if not zero". You can see what I wrote in the 2nd paragraph of this post. https://tatoeba.org/eng/wall/sh...#message_25153 [...]
yesterday by odexed
> so that the percentage of good unadopted english sentences right now should be "very low", if not zero.

If so, I wonder why there are still unowned English sentences tagged 'OK'

https://tatoeba.o [...]
yesterday by pullnosemans
**deleting unowned english sentences**
**introducing a feature to keep unowned translations from being displayed**

to extract one central point from the recent big discussion about improving the [...]

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Як утворився всесвіт?
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Как образовалась вселенная?
How was the universe formed?
¿Cómo se creó el universo?

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Мы не можем обманывать Тома.
Eu sei que você quer ir dormir.
Acele et, yoksa okula geç kalacaksın.
Tom tentou fazer Maria sorrir.
Tom hakkında ne biliyorsun?
Tom terminou de comer.
Мы всего лишь пытались помочь Тому.
Bu kutu kartondan yapılır.
Acende a vela.
Tom abriu uma janela.

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13 minutes ago
Psychic: médium, telepata.
20 minutes ago - edited 19 minutes ago
Welcome back to the Tatoeba Project.

Since the last time you were active here, an "advanced search" has been added which allows you to easily find good sentences to translate.

For example, you can do searches like these.

English sentences with audio that are not yet translated into Arabic - Random Selection

English sentences with audio that are not yet translated into Arabic - Shortest First https://tatoeba.org/eng/sentenc...eng&to=ara
3 hours ago - edited 3 hours ago
Welcome to the Tatoeba Project.

We have a quick start guide in the “More” menu.


** The 2 Ways You Can Be the Most Helpful **

1. You can translate from a foreign language you know into your own native language.

2. You can create natural-sounding sentences in your own native language for others to translate into their native languages.

** Perhaps you will find the following useful. **

Italian sentences that are not yet translated into Indonesian - Shortest First

English sentences with audio that are not yet translated into Indonesian - A Random Selection

3 hours ago
"voi" in indonesiano : kalian
vi siete divertite? = apakah kalian bersenang-senang?