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an hour ago by sacredceltic
Oh not that retarded Turkish teenager, obsessed with Jews, sex and whores, again !
an hour ago by TRANG
No it's not just you. It's the current default behavior, I agree it's annoying. It was already reported before.

We'll fix it someday. I have created an issue for it: https://github.com/Tatoeba/tatoeba2/issues/627
12 hours ago by eminko
ı want to speak english but how talk?
16 hours ago by sabretou
This sounds like a good idea. Maybe there can be a "See Members" button next to the languages on the page.

It could also be handy to include stats the way CK's native speaker page did. For example, a [...]
19 hours ago by tommy_san
Great. I'd like these pages to be linked from the list of languages (http://tatoeba.org/stats/sentences_by_language) and the profile of each user (so that you can easily find other members who speak or [...]

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Mayuko è entrato nella stanza.
Mayuko entered the room.
Mayuko betrat den Raum.
Mayuko eniris la ĉambron.
Mayuko entra dans la pièce.
Mayuko belépett a szobába.
Mayuko entrò nella stanza.
マユコ[] は[] 部屋[へや] に[] 入っ[はいっ] た[] 。[]
Mayuko kwam de kamer binnen.
Маюко вошла в комнату.
Mayuko entró a la habitación
Mayuko entró en la habitación.
Mayuko odaya girdi.
Маюко увійшла в кімнату.

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turOnu uyarmam gerekip gerekmediğini merak ediyorum.
inaIn le laic Union Sovietic, Ded Moroz se transfereva al celebration del Anno Nove, ganiante ancora un arbore de Anno Nove e le auxilio de su granfilia Snegurochka, le ‘puera nivee’, cambios remanente ancora hodie.
turOnu uyarmam gerekip gerekmediğini merak ediyorum.
epoUrĝiĝu, kaj vi trafos la buson ĝustatempe.
turOnları uyarmam gerekip gerekmediğini merak ediyorum.
inaLe victorianos anglese moderava ancora plus su Father Christmas, e le orthodoxos russe remodellava Ded Moroz al stylo de Sancte Nicolaus.
turOnu uyaracak mısın?
turOnu uyaracak mısın?
turOnları uyaracak mısın?
inaLe famose caricaturista statounitese Thomas Nast (1840-1902) produceva le prime version de Santa Claus in jachetta rubie.

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In Almanac de Interlingua

Numero 3 – Decembre 2009

Editor: Cláudio Rinaldi (almanacdeinterlingua@yahoo.com.br)
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In Almanac de Interlingua

Numero 3 – Decembre 2009

Editor: Cláudio Rinaldi (almanacdeinterlingua@yahoo.com.br)