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53 minutes ago by alexmarcelo
Is there a way to make Tatoeba treat breve-marked vowels (ă, ĕ, ĭ, ŏ, ŭ) as unmarked vowels for indexation purposes? I'd like to use them to indicate accent. The problem is that "edere" and "edĕre" ar [...]
2 hours ago by gillux
That’s very, very strange. Could you provide me with your original Google search link?
6 hours ago by vvv123
His sentences are unreliable and destructive.
All of them contain grammatical faults.

I think he is not a Turkish native.

He sends messages containing swearwords consistently and especially to Turkish [...]
12 hours ago by tommy_san
Could anyone explain why this happens?

Google seems to ignore the <title> tag. "About unapproved sentences" is not a very nice title of our pages...
14 hours ago by Ooneykcall
You know, it appears there is a sad consequence to the 'show language levels in profile' feature. A lot of people have deleted nice info about their languages of use and interest that they previously used [...]

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Sono completamente ubriaco.
I'm totally drunk.
Ich bin völlig betrunken.
אני שיכור לגמרי.
Io sono completamente ubriaco.
Sono completamente ubriaca.
Io sono completamente ubriaca.
Я пьян в мясо.

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deuIch glaube, die Entscheidung ist klar.
latremotīs arbitrīs sermōnem cum eō habuī.
inaYves Cortez cognosceva octo linguas vivente, plus latino, greco e hebraico. Su prime libro esseva Le français que l’on parle (
rusУвидимся завтра за обедом.
deuDie Gehälter fangen endlich wieder an, zu steigen.
rusЯ попросил Тома отпереть дверь.
deuSind wir auf Lautsprecher?
deuHey, lass mich dir mal was sagen.
deuVersuch, wach zu bleiben.
deuVersuch, nicht zu gähnen.

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a minute ago
túl sok lehetőségből már nem tudtam választani :)
17 minutes ago
38 minutes ago
Mauvaise traduction. Non, on ne prend pas le bus sous son bras. Ceci est une traduction mot à mot, mais elle est fausse. On monte dans un bus, on voyage dans un bus : Mi eniras en la buson, Mi veturas per la buso.