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6 hours ago by sabretou
Going to second that, very good change.
18 hours ago by AlanF_US
I agree. We can thank gillux for that.
18 hours ago by pullnosemans
awesome improvement on the drop-down lists there.
yesterday by TRANG
Past 20 responses, it will enter my attention zone. But considering that there are other things that I really want to work on, and that I feel are higher priority, I probably won't be working on this feature [...]
yesterday by 123xyz
I have filled out the form. Since I see that the form is not very new, how many forms do you wish to collect before implementing the feature, i.e. establishing whether it's worth it?

Also, how com [...]

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Tom mag Kreuzworträtsel.
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Tom likes crossword puzzles.
Том сака крстозбори.
Тому нравятся кроссворды.
Tom çapraz bulmacayı seviyor.

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marतू फेसबुक सोडत का नाहीस?
marआपण फेसबुकवर बोलू लागलो.
marआम्ही फेसबुकवर बोलू लागलो.
epoKiu ĉiam aliajn ribeligas unu kontraŭ la aliaj, ankaŭ foje ricevu baton.
marतिने मला फेसबुकवर अॅड केलं.
marफेसबुक इतकं प्रसिद्ध का आहे?
marफेसबुकवर आम्हाला लाइक करा!
marतुमच्याकडे फेसबुक आहे का?
marतुझ्याकडे फेसबुक आहे का?
deuWer immer andere gegeneinander aufwiegelt, sollte auch mal einen auf die Nase bekommen.

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25 minutes ago - edited 25 minutes ago
Danke. Ich vergesse immer diesen Blödsinn von der "neuen" Rechtschreibung. Warum hat man nicht gleich noch richtige Buchstaben für alle Zischlaute erfunden?
45 minutes ago
auf -> für. Mit "auf" klingt es sehr komisch für mich.
an hour ago
"I'm dressing up as a serial pharmacist"?