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Tags you should know about

The community has come up with a few "utility tags" to improve the quality and the reliability of the sentences.

  • @change - The sentence needs to be changed.
  • @check - The sentence needs to be checked.
  • @needs native check - The sentence needs to be checked by a native speakers.
  • OK - The sentence is considered correct by at least one person.

How to help

  1. You need to be a trusted user; otherwise you won't be able to tag sentences.
  2. Whenever you notice a sentence that is wrong or sounds really strange, add the tag @change and post a comment to suggest a correction or better phrasing.
  3. Whenever you notice a possible mistake, add the tag @check and post a comment explaining what you think the mistake may be.
  4. Whenever you add sentences in a foreign language and aren't completely sure they are correct, add the tag @needs native check.
  5. Whenever you can, browse through sentences that are tagged @change, @check, @needs native check to discuss the sentences with other members and help decide what to do with these sentences.
  6. Once the case of a problematic sentence has been solved, tag it OK. More generally, you can browse and check other's sentences, and tag them with OK to indicate you consider they are correct. But do this when you are 100% sure that the sentence is correct, and don't use the tag on your own sentences because it's not very useful.