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Why are some translations in grey?

Grey translations are indirect translations. In other words, they are translations of the translations, and not translations of the main sentence (the main sentence is the sentence in big letters).

We display them because they can be useful, but you should be careful. Their meaning may differ a little from the main sentence.

How do I delete a sentence?

At the moment, ordinary contributors cannot delete sentences. Only advanced contributors can. We will someday add the possibility for users to delete their own sentences, but in the meantime, if you want to have a sentence deleted, add a comment on the sentence asking for deletion and explain why you'd like to delete it.

If you have added something by mistake, rather of asking for it to be deleted, try to replace it by a valid sentence.

I'd like to add a new language in Tatoeba. What do I have to do?


How can I add tags to a sentence?

You have to be an advanced contributor (cf. below).

You have to be an advanced contributor (cf. below).

How can I become a trusted user?

The status of "trusted user" does not exist anymore. It has been renamed "advanced contributor".

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How can I become an advanced contributor?


Can I help translate the website into other languages?


How do I contribute audio in Tatoeba?


When contributing in Chinese, should I use simplified or traditional characters?

You can use whichever you like. We have a tool that will automatically convert simplified into traditional, and traditional into simplified.

When browsing sentences, if you set the Chinese sentence as the main sentence, you will see an additional icon at the top of the sentence.

  • traditional traditional
  • simplified simplified

Below each Chinese sentence, you will also see the transcription in pinyin, and below the pinyin, the conversion into simplified or traditional.

You can browse the Chinese sentences to see what they look like.

How do I delete my account?