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2 hours ago by Lemmih
The owner of sentence #2881761 has disappeared. Can I adopt the sentence? It has a typo in it that I would like to fix.
2 hours ago by umangarora
Hello Everyone

I am Umang Arora, B.Tech 3rd year computer Science student from IIIT DELHI, India. I am working on my proposal for GSoC 2015 under the topic "Improvement of communication tools" which [...]
4 hours ago by Gulo_Luscus
Okay, thank you.
4 hours ago by Gulo_Luscus
Thanks for testing. It's same on the both sites. I checked it with 2 different browsers (latest versions of Chrome and IE) on the same operating system and on a mobile one (Mobile Safari) but the resu [...]
5 hours ago by raggione
Grüezi, Daniel!
Hört sich grossartig an!
Sounds great. Personally I can't help you with the technical side of it. But somebody else will, I'm sure.

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O Tom e a Mary não podiam deixar de sorrir um para o outro.
Tom and Mary couldn't help smiling at each other.
Tom ve Mary birbirlerine gülümsemekten kendilerini alamadılar.

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deuWas ist in dem Glas? — Wein.
bulЗабравих да залепя марката, преди да пусна писмото.
deuWas ist in dem Glas. — Wein.
bulЗабравих да залепя марката преди да пусна писмото.
bulТази марка се е разлепила, ще ми я залепите ли, моля?
deuWas ist in dem Glas. -- Wein.
bulАко обичаш, залепи този етикет върху пакета си.
deuMarkus hat einen Bruder, aber er spricht nie von ihm.
bulИзвинете, ще ми залепите ли марката, ако обичате?
rusЯ не хочу вставать.

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3 minutes ago
vielleicht, wenn auch nicht ganz wörtlich:
wenn man in der Vorstadt wohnt. ?
18 minutes ago
Översättningen stämmer inte med åtminstone dessa språk:
Tyska, engelska, esperanto och franska.
Jag avlänkar dem. Kontrollera gärna översättningarna till de andra språken. För att översättningen skulle ha stämt, borde det stått ”stolen”. Lägg gärna till en ny mening med den översättningen, dvs. ändra inte denna mening, eftersom den i sig är korrekt.