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2 minutes ago by Abdulmajid786
Hell= Goog mornig I wan to join your site please ask how l can be join
23 hours ago by gillux
Maybe that’s because gsw is a different thing. The Wikipedia article¹ says that Swiss German “refers to any of the Alemannic dialects spoken in Switzerland and in some Alpine communities in Northern Italy.” [...]
yesterday by sabretou
ISO lists Swiss German as 'gsw':

The name is shared with Alemannic and Alsatian, however. The ISO code definitely points towards 'German, SWiss' however.
yesterday by CK
>Currently, the reason translations ... [snip] ... their 3-letters code starts with a letter at the beginning of the English alphabet.

Perhaps an alternate to sorting the way languages of translations [...]
yesterday by gillux
I totally agree with CK on 1). Currently, the reason translations are showed is that they are direct and appear first, because their 3-letters code starts with a letter at the beginning of the English [...]

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I know how I'd feel in your place.
Я знаю, что бы я чувствовал на твоём месте.
Я знаю, что бы я чувствовал на вашем месте.

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hunJelentkezett egy állásra.
engI know. I was there.
engTom's wound was still weeping and had yet to scab over.
porTua pronúncia do esperanto é admirável.
porTua maneira de pronunciar o esperanto é admirável.
hunÚgy gondolom, Tom túlságosan magabiztos.
epoMalbona medicino restas malbona medicino, eĉ se oni donas de ĝi la trioblon.
engThe nurses turned the patient regularly in order to prevent pressure sores.
engI don't feel too good.
engI don't feel too well.

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a minute ago

Kiel vi eldiros Esperanton, estas admirinda. ==> Kiel vi elparolas Esperanton, estas admirinde.
16 minutes ago

Vor Tom ist mir nicht bang. = Mi ne timas Tomon. [Ĉu?]
25 minutes ago
>Should this be "wept" and not "weeped"?

I would also say "wept" rather than "weeped."
25 minutes ago

konsilojn, nur ne kiu ĝin bezonas. ==> konsilojn, nur ne kiu ilin bezonas. (?)
29 minutes ago

signifas ordo ==> signifas ordon