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Make a wish on a starry night.
Yıldızlı gecede bir dilek tut.


WestofEden 2013-08-27 02:11 link permalink

This means "on a night with shooting stars". It's the title of a song:

However, It's not a sentence. Maybe it could be changed to 彼女に初めてであった時は星降る夜でした。But I would like to have it checked first by a native speaker.

CK 2013-08-27 02:22 link permalink

Perhaps another approach is to just ignore this sentence until the Tatoeba Project admins let us just delete pairs like this.

Just use this as an inspiration for a new sentence example.

I'd suggest writing the sentence in English, putting your suggested translation as a comment, then let Bunbuku, Tommy or another native Japanese speaker add it, editing if necessary.

tommy_san 2013-08-27 02:53 link permalink

> Just use this as an inspiration for a new sentence example.

Yeah, that's a very good idea. ☺

WestofEden 2013-08-27 02:56 link permalink

Why can't you delete this sentence?

CK 2013-08-27 03:12 link permalink

>Why can't you delete this sentence?

TRANG (and maybe sysko) seem to have a preference for leaving things here.

I personally think if the "non-sentences" were deleted, it would help improve the quality of the Tatoeba Corpus.

However, of course, the danger is that someone will make mistakes and delete things that shouldn't be deleted.

That being said, if we lose a few good items, but get closer to a 99.999% accuracy rate, it might be a worthwhile sacrifice.

Of course, allowing members to use this project as an alternate will mean this corpus will never reach that point. I'd prefer having members only translate into their own language from languages they know well, but that is not likely to ever happen.

WestofEden 2013-08-27 04:01 link permalink

That's too bad. Here's a picture of a "星降る夜に" to cheer us up: