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四月(しがつ) (いち) (にち) です 。
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It's April first.
Es ist der erste April.
आज एक अप्रैल है।
आज एक एप्रिल आहे.
Bugün bir Nisan.


2013-01-10 02:12
Japanese kana translation is ichinichi instead of tsuitachi. Is this kana generated automatically, or are you able to correct? Do I need to submit corrections to the Mecab project or something? I would have expected Mecab to be more accurate in these cases, since ichinichi would be rarely used after the gatsu kanji. Weird.
2013-01-10 03:39
Unfortunately, I'm not able to correct these furigana mistakes.
Additionally you're right, it should be read ついたち in this case.
2013-01-10 03:49
May I ask how the kana is generated please? Are you using Mecab?
2013-01-10 04:30
Given Mecab's popularity and the algorithm that's supposed to be the best, I'm a little surprised it falls on it's a$$ at something this simple.
2013-01-10 04:38
I understand Mecab is trained on sample data. It would be useful if Tatoeba could accept changes to kana. That way it could become a good source of training data for morphological analyzers.
2013-01-10 10:43
> I'm a little surprised it falls on it's a$$ at something this simple.
All is not that simple as it may seem, unfortunately. Japanese morphology is rather complex for machine analysis and requires good dictionaries based on representative corpus. Currently, only a few dictionaries for MeCab available (I know about IPADIC, JUMADIC and NAISTDIC). Depending on the dictionary, MeCab may produce different results. Take a look at "best" results:
四月 名詞,副詞可能,*,*,*,*,四月,シガツ,シガツ
一 名詞,数,*,*,*,*,一,イチ,イチ
日 名詞,接尾,助数詞,*,*,*,日,ニチ,ニチ
です 助動詞,*,*,*,特殊・デス,基本形,です,デス,デス
。 記号,句点,*,*,*,*,。,。,。
四 名詞,数詞,*,*,四,よっ,*
月 接尾辞,名詞性名詞助数辞,*,*,月,がつ,*
一 名詞,数詞,*,*,一,ひと,*
日 接尾辞,名詞性名詞助数辞,*,*,日,にち,*
です 判定詞,*,判定詞,デス列基本形,だ,です,*
。 特殊,句点,*,*,。,。,*

As we can see, the latter is even more inaccurate than the one we have on Tatoeba. Actually, with IPADIC it's possible to find more accurate result but, from MeCab's point of view, it's not the best:
四月 名詞,副詞可能,*,*,*,*,四月,シガツ,シガツ
一日 名詞,固有名詞,地域,一般,*,*,一日,ヒトイチ,ヒトイチ
です 助動詞,*,*,*,特殊・デス,基本形,です,デス,デス
。 記号,句点,*,*,*,*,。,。,。

I hope the dictionaries and algorithms will continue to improve but, for the time being, we have what we have.
2013-01-10 15:19
It was mentioned in another thread that adding meta-data to the sentences is perhaps on the cards. This could be a fantastic mechanism for overriding the default furigana in the case of mistakes.