Being able to revolve, it is merry-go-round.

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Being able to revolve, it is a merry-go-round.

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Being able to revolve, it is a merry-go-round.

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Stalwartlover 2015-12-14 07:10 link permalink

I don't think this English sentence conveys properly the meaning of the Japanese one it is linked with - can anybody tell me what I should do? (sorry - joined earlier today).

CK 2015-12-14 07:21, edited 2015-12-14 07:28 link permalink

1. Never adopt a sentence that you feel isn't natural-sounding English, unless you can easily correct it and are sure that your correction matches the directly linked translations.

2. Until a native Japanese speaker adopts an "orphan" sentence, it's probably just better to ignore English sentences like this.

I suggest you just unadopt this one and move on to Japanese sentences owned by native speakers.

CK 2015-12-14 07:24 link permalink

BTW, the original Japanese seems to have come from a song lyric.

Perhaps it should be deleted.

Stalwartlover 2015-12-14 08:03 link permalink

Thank you for the advice.