To take out.

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To take out.

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Sentence #263834

There is no sentence with id 263834


Pfirsichbaeumchen 2015-06-03 12:21 link permalink

Not a sentence. Should be deleted.

CK 2015-06-03 12:42, edited 2015-06-03 12:47 link permalink

I don't think that the way it is now is appropriate for the Tatoeba Corpus since there isn't enough context and it's not a sentence.

I would suggest deleting it, too.

Note that it could be the answer to this question asked at a fast food place.

[#61524] Is that to eat here or take out? (CK)

Another way you'll hear the above question is...

[#2171499] Will that be for here or to go? (CK) *audio*

... which would take a different answer.

Pfirsichbaeumchen 2015-06-03 13:29 link permalink

Would you care to add a dialogue of that kind?

CK 2015-06-03 17:42 link permalink

I'll just delete it.
The Japanese sentence is already linked to the other English translation for Jim Breen's WWWJDIC.