Immigrants entered the land in streams.

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Immigrants streamed into the land.

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Immigrants streamed into the land.

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מהגרים נהרו למדינה.
Imigranci napływali do kraju.
Иммигранты текли в страну сплошным потоком.
Die Einwanderer kamen in Strömen ins Land.
The immigrants entered the country in a steady flow.


halfb1t 2012-12-10 10:51 link permalink

Not English (by me).

Building an extended metaphor based on watercourses that includes streams of immigrants is perfectly reasonable; but this by itself is just odd. It has the ring of student work--about at the level of high-school sophomores, who have discovered they can create never-before-heard combinations of words, but whose complement of absorbed patterns is still short of mastery.

The world of English is far wider than my experience and contains many things I should reject out of hand as "not English" or "not natural." That's my bad.

I should accept:
Immigrants came in driblets, then streams, then rivers.
Immigrants came in driblets.
Immigrants came in rivers.
The last two make sense because they are extremes. "Streams" by itself is bad because it doesn't say what it means. Many or few? All that "stream" denotes is a certain, perhaps temporary, continuity.

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The sentence originally read "Immigrants entered the land in streams." I changed it to "Immigrants streamed into the land."