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I furnished food to them.
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I gave them food.
I furnished them with food.
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I furnished them with food.
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Ich versorgte sie mit Nahrung.
Mi havigis manĝon al ili.


2013-09-08 03:26
I think this is wrong.
2013-09-08 03:50
I think the original sentence should be corrected to:
" I furnished them with food" .
I looked up "furnish" and found this: https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/furnish
If you provide something needed, you furnish it. You can furnish an answer to a question in an interview, furnish the snacks at a party, or furnish a room by filling it with couches and chairs.
2013-09-08 03:56
OK. I changed it. However, I only get a couple of hits from 19th century texts, so this is an archaic expression.
2013-09-08 04:01
Agreed WestofEden. I was actually more concerned with the message you left under the Esperanto translation that the English had changed. He had a good modern translation which didn't need to be changed:)
2013-09-08 04:03
I didn't want to force him to change his translation, but at the same time I of course had to notify him.
2013-09-08 04:04
I have added the tag "archaic".