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Though many books are published, the thing which will be of value soon is just little.
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Though many books are published, hardly a few of them are of value.

Sentence #40996

Though many books are published, hardly a few of them are of value.
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Ɣas ma yella aṭas n yedlisen ay d-yeffɣen, ala cwiṭ seg-sen ay yesɛan azal.
Anche se vengono pubblicati molti libri, la cosa che sarà presto di valore è proprio poco.


2016-01-22 16:05
As a native American English speaker, I can't understand the last clause of this sentence. It looks like a mistranslated sentence from a skilled, albeit far from native, ESL student.
2016-01-22 16:19
The Japanese sentence, which is most likely the original, says something like "Though many books are published, negligibly few of them are of (any) value."
2016-01-22 16:44
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