His ideas never earned him even one penny.

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His ideas never earned him a single penny.

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Sentence #472098

His ideas never earned him a single penny.

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Seine Ideen brachten ihm keinen einzigen Pfennig ein.
Per siaj ideoj li neniam prilaboris iun groŝon.
Liaj ideoj neniam gajnigis cendon al li.
Ses idées ne lui ont jamais rapporté un sou.
Soha nem keresett egy fityinget sem az ötleteivel.
Zijn ideeën hebben hem nooit een cent opgeleverd.
Onun fikirleri ona bir tek kuruş kazandırmadı.
His ideas never fetched him a nickel.
His ideas never earned him a dime.
His ideas never made him any money.
His ideas never earned him even one penny.
Zijn ideeën hebben hem nooit een cent opgebracht.
ایده های او هرگز یک پاپاسی هم برای او نیاورده است.
Его идеи не заработали ему ни копейки.


sacredceltic 2010-08-22 07:31 link permalink

I disagree. The former version was level 1 English by Japanese learners. It was fully unnatural.
The right expression in English is the one I coined, the French translation is mine, and the Dutch translation perfectly matches that.
So where is your problem, exactly ?

sacredceltic 2010-08-22 07:38 link permalink

And BTW, since 500 million people currently pour daily massive amounts of Globish garbage on internet you can keep your Google-challenge RAW results for yourself, they mean nothing to me and they constitute no authority whatsoever, and certainly not a Globish academy.
If every word and sentence that has few thousand raw results in Google was a reference of English, the current dictionaries would have to multiply their entries 10 fold...

blay_paul 2010-08-22 10:37 link permalink

I disagree with most of sacredceltic's arguments - and especially with his tone of argument - but the original version does sound odd to me. Incidentally, it looks like Google is voting in sacredceltic's favour.

sacredceltic 2010-08-22 10:43 link permalink

Again, Google is in NO WAY a linguistic authority of ANY sort.
In some instances, common spelling mistakes do even get more Google raw results than actual correct spellings.
So I will reject the validity of ANY argument grounded on such dubious data, whether you like the tone of it or not.

blay_paul 2010-08-22 10:44 link permalink

Didn't you notice that I (and the Google results) were in _your_ favour on the naturalness of the sentence?

sacredceltic 2010-08-22 10:57 link permalink

Yes I did, hands down, but AGAIN, even where Google raw results prove me right, I will still think they bear no authority whatsoever. They just don't and conveying the idea that Google is the new universal language authority is VERY wrong. It is NOT and will NEVER be.

saeb 2010-08-22 11:54 link permalink

CK is right, there was nothing wrong with the original, actually *he* added it and not a japanese learner with 'level 1 english'. There is a guideline against editing sentences that are correct
The safest way to challenge this version was to add an alternative translation and then dispute it in a comment.(which I'm guilty of not following all the time :P)

"Alas, as previously indicated, I do not have even one penny."
New York Times 2004

"We hear people saying, now, when it comes to the Federal Government, though, there is no way we could reduce things by just one penny out of each dollar, not even one penny."
Congressional Record 1999

more results can be found using a search similar to this
or this

saeb 2010-08-22 11:55 link permalink

I've added the original back

blay_paul 2010-08-22 12:03 link permalink

It's way "never" and "even" are used in combination that sounds odd. Possibly because it clashes with the popular "He never even ..." phrase.

saeb 2010-08-22 12:24 link permalink

...definitely scarce results but still

"I would say, Never give even one penny"
National Conference of Charities and Correction (U.S.) Session 1889

"I have never got even one penny"
The Foleys from County Clare, Ireland 1994

"Then I sat down and wrote my husband, telling hin, if he valued my peace of mind never to lot even one penny accumulate in his pocket."
New York Times 1909

"I never got even one penny directly or indirectly from Chris Boyce"
The Register-Guard 1982

for more results (add more * and the results increase :D)

saeb 2010-08-22 13:42 link permalink

@blay_paul this was hilarious, everyone got different google results for わかる vs 分かる 

sacredceltic 2010-08-22 20:17 link permalink

No, this is not hilarious but perfectly normal Google behaviour by which Google results depend on your location, and unless you deactivated the parameters, also on your individual search history. No 2 same searches by 2 different IPs lead to the same results...