No body

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No body.

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Sentence #473180

No body.

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Ulac tafekka.
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Nenia kadavro.
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אין גופה.
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Nessun corpo.
Nenhum corpo.
Нет тела.
Hiç kimse.
Korf ebet.
Kelan ebet.
Neniu korpo.
Neniu korpo videblas.
Трупа нет.


Swift 2010-08-20 23:16 link permalink

Can this be changed into a sentence? The Tatoeba project is a collection of sentences rather than a dictionary.

sacredceltic 2010-08-21 14:45 link permalink

it is a sentence !

Pharamp 2010-08-28 10:40 link permalink

Please resolve it ^^

sacredceltic 2010-08-28 10:44 link permalink

It is a sentence. If I am in search of a body and I go into a room where I am supposed to find it and come back, I can say: "No body." meaning "No corpse.".
So there is no reason to change this.

sacredceltic 2010-08-28 11:30 link permalink

I can't help paralleling swift's constant urge to condemn sentences to the "She's a witch" scene from Monty Pythons

"Not a sentence! Kill! Kill!"

blay_paul 2010-08-28 11:49 link permalink

> I can say: "No body." meaning "No corpse.".

Not everything that you can say is a sentence. The sentence would have been "There's no body here."

Regarding your last comment on this page, I think sysko made the policy on personal remarks in Tatoeba very, very, clear yesterday.

sacredceltic 2010-08-28 11:56 link permalink

Of course you would shout with the crowd, blay_paul...
"She's a witch! A witch!"
The policy was on the wall. I can't remember if affected the free debates regarding sentences. We must be able to illustrate our arguments with evidence, whether it be video or any other form, musn't we?

The fact is that I can say"No body" as a reply to another sentence, and say this only. Thus it is a sentence.
A sentence is a group of words that a person can utter and that makes sense. As such, this one definitely is a sentence.

sacredceltic 2010-08-28 12:04 link permalink

I think this compulsive obsession to erase supposed non-sentences has something pathological. Don't you think there are more urgent problems to solve on Tatoeba? Like getting rid of tens of thousands of duplicates, spelling and grammar mistakes, ... ?

Swift 2010-08-28 12:13 link permalink

I suggest we turn this into "there's no body here" and provide a "nobody lives here for the Dutch sentence which could be modified accordingly. Both would currently be of more value that this that we have already.

TRANG 2010-08-28 16:04 link permalink

The submission policies allow one-word or two-word sentences.

It's been tagged "non-sentence" so it's fine. It will be possible to filter it out from the "normal" sentences if needed. In the future, simply use that tag for non standard sentences.

I've updated the policies to be more clear about this point:


sacredceltic 2010-08-28 17:47 link permalink

@Trang: I endorse 99% of what you suggest. It's good policy.
The 1% I don't endorse is the example you chose "House", because it is actually what children say in a number of games, at least in French and probably in many other languages, to signify that they are "safe"/"protected from being taken prisoners", usually by hanging to a branch or jumping on a chair: "Maison !"
Nice sentence, actually...I just created it.
Words that children say and learn from each other, from one generation to the next, in schoolyards and elsewhere, like the games they play, are often neglected by dictionaries and encyclopaedias and it is a pity in my view. It's like children words would not really be words, equivalent to adult words, or just because scholars and academicians are too old to remember them. I was thinking of writing a book on that subject that would reference all the different schoolyard games that were being played across the world. Because theses games are sometimes forgotten, and it's also a loss for humanity, in a way, when it happens, like losing an old technique, an animal specie or a seed.

sacredceltic 2010-08-28 17:49 link permalink