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The increase in population has become a serious problem in the country.
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The increase in population has become a serious problem in the country.
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L'augmentation de la population est devenu un problème sérieux dans ce pays.
लोकसंख्येत झालेली वाढ देशात एक गंभीर समस्या बनली आहे.
Wzrost populacji stał się prawdziwym problemem w kraju.
Рост населения стал в стране большой проблемой.
La loĝantara kresko iĝis serioza problemo en tiu lando.
Artan nüfus bu ülkede ciddi bir sorun haline gelmiştir.


2011-04-16 12:09
Mightn't/shouldn't one translate その国 as "that country"?
2011-04-16 16:27
Most people would use the country's name, unless it had recently been mentioned. Using “that” would be a good way to reduce repetition. Example: “Many countries are currently experiencing population decline. Other countries have the opposite problem, such as I found out on my recent trip to India. The population growth has become a serious problem in that country.”

I find this a more natural context than any I can think of with “the”. I furthermore reckon “increase in population” hints at the Japanese being the original, though I have no idea how common 人口の増加 is compared to other comparable terms.