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I'm not very social, but I make an effort to try.
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  • Dejo
  • 2010-09-25 17:28
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I'm not very social, but I try to make an effort.
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Sentence #532786

I'm not very social, but I try to make an effort.
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Mi ne estas tre amikiĝema, sed mi provas ekzerci min tiucele.
Je ne suis pas très sociable, mais j'essaie de faire des efforts.
Eu não sou muito social, mas tento fazer um esforço.
Я не очень общительный, но я пытаюсь это исправить.
No soy muy sociable pero trato de hacer un esfuerzo.
No soy muy sociable, pero intento hacer un esfuerzo.
Ben çok sosyal değilim, ama bir çaba sarfetmeye çalışıyorum.
Mi ne estas tre sociema, sed mi strebas esti.


2010-09-25 17:10
but I try to make an effort*?
2010-09-25 17:18
I think it's OK as it is.
2010-09-25 17:35
Oh ok, I thought this way it matched better the French version...Sorry ^^'
2010-09-25 17:52
Don't be sorry Shishir. I think that "to make an effort to try" sounds a bit pleonastic. The problem as I see it is that the English sentence is ellyptical where the full meaning is:
"I'm not very social, but I make an effort to try (to be social).
And that doesn't fix the problem "an effort to try" sounds very tentative.

2010-09-25 19:10
Yea, I fell into a sea of pleonasms, sorry.

You're right, Shishir. I was debating between the two versions and chose this one for some reason... (probably because I was waiting in line at a Starbucks and my turn to order came up when I translated this).