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This organization promotes rural areas alphabetisation.
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This organisation promotes literacy of rural areas.
This organisation promotes rural literacy programs.
This organisation promotes literacy in rural areas.
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Sentence #674133

This organisation promotes literacy in rural areas.
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Cette organisation fait la promotion de la littératie dans les régions rurales.
Cette organisation promeut l'alphabétisation des zones rurales.
הארגון הזה מקדם השכלה באיזורים כפריים.
Questa organizzazione promuove l'alfabetizzazione delle aree rurali.
Оваа организација промовира описменување на селските населенија.
Ta organizacja promuje umiejętność czytania i pisania na obszarach rolnych.
Esta organización promociona el alfabetismo en áreas rurales.
Diese Organisation fördert die Lesekompetenz in den ländlichen Regionen.
Tiu organizaĵo antaŭenigas la klerigadon en la kamparaj regionoj.
Tiu organizaĵo subtenas la alfabetigon en la kamparaj regionoj.
Ta organizacja promuje alfabetyzację obszarów rolnych.


2010-12-25 23:44
rural areas alphabetisation -> alphebetisation of rural areas :-)

(Just like the French and Italian sentences)
2010-12-26 00:09
alphabetisation (Brit.)
n. act of arranging according to alphabetical order (also alphabetization)

I think what you mean is a "literacy program"

"This organis*ation promotes rural literacy programs."

2010-12-26 00:43
Yes, that would make sense.

However, I also took this to mean creation of alphabets/romanization schemes for minority languages spoken in rural areas (although this is a slightly weird way of saying that).

If "literacy" is what is meant by the French and Italian sentences, then it would make sense to change it to that.
2010-12-26 09:56
Ok ok ok sorry sorry, I changed it. However, Dejo's sentence misses "areas" and adds "programs", it is still good as a translation of Italian/French?
2010-12-26 18:26
I think the translation still covers the same ground as the French and Italian. "rural programs" in the plural suggests that it's in different areas. But if you prefer a closer translation you can say:
"This organisation promotes literacy in rural areas."

In Canada which is officially bilingual, English and French versions of a document often don't line up word for word as long as the total effect is the same.
For interest's sake check out some of the headlines on this American site: http://www.ericdigests.org/pre-9217/rural.htm
2010-12-26 18:36
Thank you :) I like this new version :)