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Name André Müller
Country Germany
Birthday February 10, 1985
Member since December 10, 2010
corpus maintainer
Hi, I'm André. I study Linguistics and Chinese in Leipzig, Germany, and I usually translate sentences into German, Klingon and Esperanto here. Sometimes also into Chinese, Thai or even Sumerian.

If you want me to translate some sentences you're interested in to German, Esperanto or Klingon, or if you'd like to have example sentences for a certain word in those languages, feel free to ask me in a PM and I'll be happy to help.

Listed by proficiency:

NATIVE: German
FLUENT: Esperanto, English
GOOD: Chinese (Mandarin)
CONVERSATIONAL: Thai, Dutch, Russian, Klingon*
BASIC: Latin, Japanese, Tsez, Polish, Toki Pona, Spanish, French, Sumerian, Tok Pisin, Ido
COMING SOON: Basque, Dargi

*) Klingon is a special case: I know the complete grammar and use a self-designed extensively annotated dictionary to translate. So, for the purpose of translating sentences, it's actually equivalent to being quasi-fluent.

P.S.: I sometimes do translate from languages not listed here, like Ukrainian, Italian or Portuguese. This is usually because I do understand the particular sentences through Russian or Spanish or Esperanto.

P.P.S.: You will notice, I'm quite picky about punctuation, sometimes. Sorry. ;)

P.P.P.S.: The Linking Link is