2012-05-29 05:17
Feature request:
could anyone (@jakov) make this simple script:
- Hide translations:
When this script is running, the TEXT (not flags, nothing else, simply the text) from all translations to every sentence on screen disappears. All translations to a sentence are toggled visible by pressing a button.

I wish I had this, so when I feel like practicing, I grab a notebook, run the script, and then "Oh, I see this sentence is translated to German, but I can't see it translated yet. I'll try translating it myself first, and then see if they match."
What about it? I guess the script should be no big deal :P
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2012-05-29 09:15
Have you tried my my userscript [Tatoeba Use Custom Flags And Other Langs Transparent][1]?

there you have an option to make certain languages transparent. I will make a toggle button for this transparency.

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2012-05-29 13:41
oh, I see
I'll try that one
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2012-05-29 21:01
You can give me feedback on what you think about the script and tell me how you think your feature request would be implemented best.