2011-08-27 23:17
How many sentences in language X are translated (once, twice, more, doesn't matter) to language Y.

Japanese to English 155979
English to Japanese 149941
French to English 59445
English to French 55473
German to English 39068
English to German 36922
French to Esperanto 33375
Esperanto to French 32791
Esperanto to German 32773
Spanish to English 32750
French to German 32665
German to Esperanto 32140
German to French 31665
English to Spanish 31374
Esperanto to English 29623
English to Esperanto 28380
Japanese to French 27014
French to Japanese 26550
Chinese to English 21444
English to Chinese 21324

Complete table:

Why the numbers are not symmetric? Because when a sentence in language X has two translations to Y, it counts as one translated sentence from X to Y, but two translated sentences from Y to X.

Also interesting are the "self-links". English, for example, has 1168. One of them is .

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2011-08-28 10:01
I maintain a recapitulative sheet of translation statistics here;hl=fr#gid=0

This enables to view what language is translated into what others and in what proportions, mainly for the first 16 languages in Tatoeba.

It is not real-time but I update numbers each time the number of sentences of a language has progressed significantly.