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il y a 5 heures par sharptoothed
You're right, the problem affects not only the random sentence feature and my proposition is rather a workaround (and pretty harmless workaround if not useful, I believe) than a complete solution, but [...]
il y a 6 heures par gillux
I’m aware of this problem, but I guess it’s more because of the way we display sentences groups in general than because of the random sentence feature. What you’re suggesting is find otherwise, but I [...]
il y a 8 heures par odexed
il y a 8 heures par sharptoothed
** Suggestion: Limiting the sentences displayed in "Random sentence" section to the languages defined in member's profile

It seems that a lot of new members are having problems understanding how the [...]
il y a 9 heures par sabretou
Can we have this feature rolled out to all input fields? Specifically Add Sentence and Change Language (for a sentence). In both, I am restricted to the languages in my profile, and this is causing problems. [...]

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Iskali so prostor, kjer bi lahko postavili šotor.
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They were looking for a place at which they could pitch the tent.
tāmen zài zhǎo yī ge kěyǐ dā zhàngpeng de dìfang 。
(かれ)ら は テント を ()場所(ばしょ)(さが)していた 。

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engSlå in spiken.
sweGe den till mig.
sweJag var tvungen att lita på Tom.
sweDitt hår ser hemskt ut.
sweHan var tvungen att gå dit.
sweVi var tvungna att stoppa Tom.
sweVi var tvungna att fortsätta.
sweVi fick hjälpa Tom.
sweVi var tvungna att göra det.
sweJag var tvungen att gå hem.