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2012-04-24 18:32
Hello esperanto users. I was wondering what's your method to write esperanto special diacritics, since I will probably start studying this language soon.
ocultar respuestas
2012-04-24 22:39
A random Linux distro and a random European keyboard mapping. ;)
ocultar respuestas
2012-04-25 00:31
Whops, I forgot to specify that I'm under Windows, and although I used to love that freedom Linux gave me when typing, I can't nor want to switch to it again.
I tried to build a keyboard layout via Microsoft's own Keyboard Layout Creator but it turn out the diacritics of esperanto (ˆ and ˘), which I want to use to make dead keys, are not supported in the italian mapping and I know of no language that may have them which I could actually use.
ocultar respuestas
2012-04-25 00:53
ocultar respuestas
2012-04-25 02:20
Thanks, but neither of them seem to work or be good enough for one reason or the other.
Somehow I managed to get my original system to work but it sill fails in some non unicode fields and programs causing for example ĉ to be displayed as cˆ, and I don't know what to do to solve that or if there even is a solution.
Thanks anyway and if there is any other esperanto enthusiast or speaker using Windows, I'm all ears.
ocultar respuestas
2012-04-25 04:08
btw, there exists an all-time virus in windows, very common, which won't let you write "two-keys-characters" like èéëŭŝ
have you made an antivirus scan lately?
if it is that virus, then a simple scan always mends the problem
ocultar respuestas
2012-04-25 14:20
Luckily no, I CAN use dead keys, but they do not work in non-unicode environments because of the language map or something.
2012-04-25 10:20
Use a German mapping. Don't know why it doesn't work for Italian, but I extended the German keyboard mapping to deliver all kinds of accentuated letters, so it does work with this one.
2012-04-25 13:24
Oh my, the Italian mapping is the worst of all. ;p

I used to use 'Ek!' on Windows, found it quite handy, and I see it is still around.
ocultar respuestas
2012-04-25 03:03
Thanks, although I can't seem to find that layout on the ones I can add to my keyboard layouts. Perhaps I'll Google tomorrow.
2012-04-25 15:46
You might want to check out PhraseExpress. I have it set up that "c#" gets converted automatically to "ç" etc.

ocultar respuestas
2012-04-25 16:47
Seems neat, but I dislike the idea of something modifying my input, even when it's about niceties that I would rarely find myself typing at all.
I guess I'll stay with this not-completely functional layout for now, thanks everyone for your help anyway.