2012-06-10 11:51
A feature request.

There are a lot of comments that looks strange after the sentence was changed. It would be nice to see the actual sentence as it was at the moment of commenting alongside with the comment. E.g.:

== Sentence #1234 ==
Some sentence.
== Comments ==
> "Same sentence". <-- The original sentence to be displayed.
Tom: Please change "Same" -> "Some".
Mary: Thanks. Done.

This would give some more sense to old comments.
ocultar respuestas
2012-06-10 12:27
You can see in the right side a history with first sentences and all changes.
Is a litle manual.
2012-06-10 12:29
Do you mean in the [latest comments][1], or do you mean on the sentence pages themselves?

If you mean the latter, may I reffer you to my userscript, which puts the changelog into the comment section: [Tatoeba Sentence Timeline][2].

I’m going to work together with @sysko to integrate some of my userscripts, as until now only a few advanced users seem to user them (at least i didn’t get a lot of feedback, except from those).

However, I do support your request, as it would be easier to see whats happening if the original sentence were also displayed on the home page and in the [latest comments][1]