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رسائل Lebad على الحائط (المجموع ١)

2015-06-26 13:44
** Mass translating **

I'm either missing an obvious feature here, or there is no mode to mass translate all the sentence on a page. For example, I search for English sentences that have no translations in my native language, and I get a list of such sentences.

Then I have to click on the first sentence to translate, type a sentence, and hit Enter. Now if I want to translate a sentence again (to add alternatives), I have to pick up my mouse again! Translating seems to be the most important feature here and I fear there are not enough keyboard shortcuts that allow me to do it efficiently without wasting time on repetitive work.

There should be a shortcut, for example, SHIFT + ENTER that will send the sentence and re-open the dialogue for entering an alternative, and CTRL + ENTER that will send the sentence and open the dialogue for the next sentence. Pressing CTRL + ENTER on the blank entry should just skip to next sentence.

Is it already implemented, either in Tatoeba or as an add-on? If not, I think it would be a huge step to making our time spent here more efficient.