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CK CK 22小时前 2020年7月6日 下午7:23 link Permalink

We have a new Russian voice.


You can listen to his voice here.

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AlanF_US AlanF_US 7小时前 2020年7月7日 上午11:10 link Permalink

Sounds good!

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yatomoya yatomoya 4小时前 2020年7月7日 下午2:15 link Permalink


AdamAvramovic AdamAvramovic 1天前 2020年7月6日 下午1:56 link Permalink

Any chance Neapolitan being implemented?

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CK CK 23小时前 2020年7月6日 下午6:29 link Permalink

language code: nap

See .

Ricardo14 Ricardo14 1天前 2020年7月6日 下午12:46 link Permalink

Bulgarian has been added as a User Interface language on dev Tatoeba.

Thanks a lot to the user ls404 who has been working hard and translating the entire website.

The last language enabled on dev website was Serbian, thanks to lazarljubenovic (Lazar on Transifex).

In case you want/wish/can help us to translate the UI into your native language, please let me know :) you can leave me a private message, email me - or simply creating an account on Transifex and going through

Thank you!

CK CK 2020年5月31日 上午4:26 2020年5月31日 上午4:26 link Permalink

I think it might be a good idea to eliminate the question mark (?) wildcard for searching.

I think that users should be able to paste in any sentence in the search form and get a result if the sentence is in the database. This doesn't happen now for sentences with question marks.

I think this usefulness far outweighs the usefulness of the one-letter wildcard.

If you're a member of this website and frequently use the ? wildcard, perhaps you could tell us how often and whether you'd be greatly inconvenienced if this were removed.

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gillux gillux 2020年6月1日 上午7:02 2020年6月1日 上午7:02 link Permalink

This is not something easy to implement at all. The question mark is not a searchable character in the first place.

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CK CK 2020年6月1日 上午7:16, edited 2020年6月1日 上午10:31 2020年6月1日 上午7:16, edited 2020年6月1日 上午10:31 link Permalink

How about just disabling the question mark as a wildcard and ignore it in searches?

We can get both "Mr Smith" and "Mr. Smith" with this search.

Not getting results for sentences with question marks seems strange, since question marks are a part of language, and this is a website dealing with language.

It doesn't bother me that the question mark itself isn't searchable, but it does bother me that if you search for something as simple as the following, it appears that we don't yet have it.

Why are you doing that?

It's not really intuitive for new visitors to avoid using question marks. I've been on this site a long time and even I often have to do searches more than once because I forget to leave off the question marks..

Question marks are allowed when doing Google searches which a lot of people are used to using.

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gillux gillux 2020年6月3日 下午4:38, edited 2020年6月3日 下午4:38 2020年6月3日 下午4:38, edited 2020年6月3日 下午4:38 link Permalink

This is probably not something easy to implement. The question mark and the star are one single feature of Manticore. As a result, we can only enable both the question mark and the star or none of them.

Thanuir Thanuir 2020年6月1日 上午9:31 2020年6月1日 上午9:31 link Permalink

Olen tästä samaa mieltä CK:n kanssa. En kylläkään ole hakutoiminnon tehokäyttäjä.

orion17 orion17 2020年6月2日 上午8:48, edited 2020年6月2日 上午8:49 2020年6月2日 上午8:48, edited 2020年6月2日 上午8:49 link Permalink

Please don't remove this feature. I always use this feature every time I search Arabic sentences, because Arabic morphology is really inflected. It involves not only suffixes, but prefixes and infixes as well. The search engine used in Tatoeba doesn't seem work 100% to search Arabic words. For example I try to find sentences containing word "علم" but it shows only words with suffixes like علمت, علموا, علمه, and so on. It doesn't show words like يعلم or تعلم. When I tried to search sentences containing "يعلم", it shows words like يعلمون as well. There are no words like تعلم, نعلم, or أعلم. But, when I type "علم?" I will find them.
This feature also helps me to find words in pattern with different root, since Arabic is from Semitic languages.
For example it helps me to search any sentences containing word with pattern like مفعول. I can type in the search box like this:
and it'll show sentences containing words like مبروك مسرور مفتوح مشغول مجنون and so on.

And for your information, I asked this feature years ago here and it really helps me a lot since then.

gillux gillux 2020年6月3日 下午5:23 2020年6月3日 下午5:23 link Permalink

I have given some more thoughts about this problem. I think we can make use of another feature of Manticore (blended characters) to make the search engine find the sentence that you want. Question marks used in the search query would both be treated as a wildcard and as a normal character. In other words, searching for "Is she?" would return the sentence "Is she?" as well as sentences containing "is shed". Giving shorter sentences appear first by default, copy pasting an interrogative sentence in the search box should let you find it right away.

I will update dev with that setting tomorrow to let you guys try it out.

On a side note, the percent character (%) is also a wildcard that means "zero or one character". As a result, searching for "100%" currently matches sentences containing 1000.

gillux gillux 2020年6月4日 上午8:03, edited 2020年6月4日 上午8:03 2020年6月4日 上午8:03, edited 2020年6月4日 上午8:03 link Permalink

I updated with an experiment setting to solve the problem of not finding sentences when searching for interrogative questions.

orion17, could you also try and let me know if it causes any problem when you search for "علم?" and the like?

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orion17 orion17 2020年6月4日 下午1:12, edited 2020年6月4日 下午1:16 2020年6月4日 下午1:12, edited 2020年6月4日 下午1:16 link Permalink

I have tried and it still works, except that I just wonder why the results on dev are fewer than those on main tatoeba.

I forgot to mention on my earlier post that when I searched for verb "علم", it did show also sentences containing words with prefixes like العلم, ‎معلم and so on. However, it showed neither the present tense forms (يعلم تعلم نعلم أعلم) nor the imperative form (اعلم)
Therefore, I need to use a question mark to find one. But this prevents me to find this kind of words with suffixes, then I write ‏*?علم*‏ and it shows exactly what I want like يعلمون

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gillux gillux 2020年6月4日 下午4:18 2020年6月4日 下午4:18 link Permalink

> the results on dev are fewer than those on main tatoeba

The corpus of dev is an old copy of the main Tatoeba, so it only contains old sentences.

> it showed neither the present tense forms (يعلم تعلم نعلم أعلم) nor the imperative form (اعلم)

I suspect that’s because only words with 4 characters or more can be found using a different tense or form. "علم" is only 3 characters long.

This limitation is rather arbitrary and is set because the search engine documentation suggests the stemmer may have problems dealing with short words I think we could consider removing the 4 characters limit.

gillux gillux 1天前 2020年7月6日 下午12:13 link Permalink

It’s now possible to search for entire questions on

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CK CK 1天前 2020年7月6日 下午12:33 link Permalink


Ricardo14 Ricardo14 1天前 2020年7月6日 下午12:39 link Permalink

Whoa! Thank you!

mraz mraz 8天前 2020年6月29日 上午7:35 link Permalink

#415587 < red

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Pfirsichbaeumchen Pfirsichbaeumchen 8天前, edited 8天前 2020年6月29日 上午9:46, edited 2020年6月29日 上午9:47 link Permalink

Ich habe den Satz und vier andere, die morbrorper adoptiert hat, freigeschaltet. Das nächstemal reicht auch ein Kommentar mit „@Pfirsichbaeumchen“ oder eine Privatnachricht. 🙂

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mraz mraz 8天前 2020年6月29日 上午9:53 link Permalink

OK! Danke schön!

morbrorper morbrorper 2天前 2020年7月5日 上午11:05 link Permalink

Vielen Dank!

TRANG TRANG 6天前, edited 6天前 2020年6月30日 下午10:44, edited 2020年6月30日 下午10:45 link Permalink

** What's New on Tatoeba? - Your biweekly recap #20 **

(What's New on Tatoeba will be published biweekly until the end of August.)


It's been now one month since our Kodoeba event[1] started.

※ As far as the internal code goes:

• Our participants[2] have solved five issues, and seven others are on their way. You can find the details on GitHub[3].
• Alexs has asked for feedback about the tags: Be sure to share your thoughts if you'd like to see the tags in Tatoeba become more useful!

※ As for the external projects:

• lbdx has updated Tatominer:
• The other projects are starting to take shape, it's still too early to showcase anything. We'll have to wait until mid or end of July.



※ The search has been improved for languages using Arabic scripts, Indonesian and Tagalog. Many thanks to Yorwba.

※ The number of messages in the private messages has been localized, thanks to Ricardo14.

※ There's now a reset icon in the inputs of the advanced search. Thanks to Roverandom789133 for adding this.

※ We no longer unnecessarily store IPs in our contributions logs. Thanks to jpear1 for cleaning this up.


※ Trang has been working on making the landing page responsive:

※ gillux has asked which sentences would be a good candidate to print on a Tatoeba T-shirt or mug:

※ tommg has announced the release of his language learning app that uses Tatoeba's data:


※ Rircardo14 posted some updates about the progress of the translation of our UI:

※ A new UI language has been enabled on the dev website: Serbian.

※ As usual, thanks to all the members who helped to translate the website!


If you'd like to help to the development of Tatoeba, report issues, or are just curious, have a look at the GitHub repository.

If you want to help us translate the website to your language, you can join us on Transifex: and check this article on the wiki

If you're especially happy with one of the updates, don't hesitate to personally thank our developers :) They're working in the shadow but they'll be glad to hear your feedback.


Last recap:
See this recap on the blog:

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samir_t samir_t 2天前 2020年7月4日 下午9:03 link Permalink

I would like to know why the FAQ is not published in the Kabyle interface although the translation is finished on Transifex.

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TRANG TRANG 2天前 2020年7月4日 下午9:39 link Permalink

Translating wiki content through Transifex is a new process. In this case, we simply didn't pay enough attention and we missed the Transifex notifications about how the FAQ was fully translated into Kabyle. So it was simply forgotten (sorry!).

The wiki is a separate application than the website. The UI languages available on the wiki are actually not in sync with the languages available on Currently, the wiki doesn't support Kabyle yet. We first have to add it as a supported language then we have to manually add the Kabyle translations.

But in any case, we will make sure the Kabyle translation of the FAQ is made available soon :) Thanks for reporting it and thanks for translating!

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samir_t samir_t 2天前 2020年7月5日 上午12:15 link Permalink


CK CK 3天前 2020年7月4日 上午3:36 link Permalink

** Number of Sentences 2020-07-04, 2019-07-04 and 2018-07-04 **

Screenshots of

CK CK 5天前 2020年7月2日 上午3:32 link Permalink

** Sentences with Audio 699,777 (2020-07-02 3:30 UTC) **

We should soon have over 700,000 sentences with audio files.

You can keep your eye on this using this URL.

gillux gillux 14天前 2020年6月23日 上午10:51 link Permalink

Quel groupe de phrases pourrait représenter Tatoeba ?

Je suis en train de réfléchir à quoi imprimer sur le t-shirt ou la tasse que les participants à Kodoeba recevront. Nous aimerions avoir un objet qui représente Tatoeba en général, pour qu’il puisse initier des discussions sur Tatoeba dans la vraie vie, et d’y ajouter une petite mention "Kodoeba #1" dans un coin. En d’autres mots, ce sera plus un objet de "Tatoeba" que de "Kodoeba".

Une tasse a été créée un jour [1]. J’aimerais faire un truc dans le genre, mais au lieu d’une phrase qui parle de thé et de café, je pense que nous pourrions trouver une phrase plus inspirante et en lien avec la philosophie du projet.

Aussi, avez-vous des idées pour la phrase ? Il faudrait qu’elle soit traduite dans toutes les langues des participants à Kodoeba, c’est-à-dire au moins l’anglais, le français, le portugais, le tagalog, le polonais, l’allemand, l’espagnol et l’italien (mais cela peut se faire plus tard ; d’autres langues sont évidemment bienvenues). Il faudrait aussi qu’elle ne soit pas trop longue.

Voici quelques premières idées :

#2456781 How do you say that in your language?
#656787 I know your language.
#478567 Sing a song in your language, please!
#1762086 Why don't you use your language?
#704105 It's all about sentences. Not words. Tatoeba: Future Mottos


What group of sentences could represent Tatoeba?

I am thinking about what to print on the t-shirt or mug that Kodoeba participants will receive. We’d like to have an object that represents Tatoeba in general, so that it can initiate discussions about Tatoeba in real life, and to add a small mention "Kodoeba #1" in a corner. In other words, it will be more of a "Tatoeba" object than a "Kodoeba" object.

A cup was created before [1]. I’d like to do something like that, but instead of a sentence about tea and coffee, I think we could find a sentence that is more inspiring and related to the philosophy of the project.

So any ideas for the sentence? It should be translated into all the languages of the Kodoeba participants, that is to say, at least English, French, Portuguese, Tagalog, Polish, German, Spanish and Italian (but this can be done later; other languages are obviously welcome). It should also be not too long.

Here are some initial ideas:

#2456781 How do you say that in your language?
#656787 I know your language.
#478567 Sing a song in your language, please!
#1762086 Why don't you use your language?
#704105 It's all about sentences. Not words. Tatoeba: Future Mottos


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Ricardo14 Ricardo14 6天前, edited 6天前 2020年7月1日 上午12:06, edited 2020年7月1日 上午12:43 link Permalink

How about those ones I've just thought:

→ If you can read this, it means that you speak, at least, one language and so, you're more than welcome to Tatoeba! (#8883615)

→ Tatoeba: A super database of sentences and translations which I proudly work on. (#8883617)

→ I really love languages. Thanks to Tatoeba to make it possible to study and help people to learn them. (#8883621)

→ I really love languages. Thank you, Tatoeba! (#8883622)

→ You might not have realized it yet, but I'm crazy about languages. (#8883624)

→ How about teaching me your language? (#8883704)

I've thought on those sentences because they "link" languages to Tatoeba which might attract more people to join us.

maaster maaster 12天前 2020年6月25日 下午4:24 link Permalink

I'd like to ask for your remarks for the sentence #8870764.

The problem with it: There's no official word "Szögöd"...
(Szeged [pronounciation: "sagad"] is a Hungarian city where there's a dialect named from the town in which dialect people say "ö" instead of "e", but not always; it has its strict rules that I don't know - e.g. Szeged->Szöged.
So, people say "Szöged" in Szeged; but people in the rest of the country often say "Szögöd" because of the peculiarity of that dialect. Those persons aren't dumb, they just make a joke of that. (However, one can find several examples of the written form of Szögöd on the Internet.)
I just wanted to contemplate with this second-added translation what is special with this city.
Whether Adelpa intentionally choosed that city I don't know.

That problem occurs in several other cases I think: e.g.: kösz(i)ke (=köszönöm), zacsi (=zacskó), szeva (=szevasz). These are colloquial forms that everybody knows (everybody excepted linguists) and uses.
(Unfortunately they're unable to update the Hungarian language.)

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brauchinet brauchinet 11天前 2020年6月25日 下午6:21 link Permalink

Ich werde das Szegediner-Gulasch ab jetzt Szögödönör-Gulasch nennen.

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maaster maaster 8天前, edited 8天前 2020年6月29日 下午6:07, edited 2020年6月29日 下午6:11 link Permalink

Das rántott hús heißt in Szeged wohl Wienör Schnitzöl, nicht nur denn viele Deutschen leben in Szeged, sondern das rántott hús hat kein e (o. evtl. noch rántott szölöt).

Yorwba Yorwba 11天前, edited 11天前 2020年6月25日 下午7:34, edited 2020年6月25日 下午7:35 link Permalink

> These are colloquial forms that everybody knows (everybody excepted linguists) and uses. (Unfortunately they're unable to update the Hungarian language.)

I was curious about that, since I'd expect linguists to be interested in colloquial forms. I found an article by a certain Béla Istók, who may or may not be a linguist, who noted the presence of examples of this kind of word formation in Hungarian textbooks published by the Oktatáskutató és Fejlesztő Intézet, so it appears that some people did update (their description of) the Hungarian language with those words.

Thanuir Thanuir 11天前 2020年6月26日 下午1:04 link Permalink

Slangilla ja vastaavilla ilmauksilla on paikkansa Tatoebassa. Sopiva tunniste olisi hyvä. Ehkä:

non-standard spelling
derogatory (jos kyseessä on pilkkanimi)

Ehkä myös seuraavat tunnisteet sopisivat lauseelle:

place name