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Pinnwandbeiträge von Wolf (insgesamt 3)

2010-03-15 00:25
Did you change something with the database dump? This Saturday's jpn_indices contain invalid utf8 characters and the affected lines seem to be truncated.

The following sentence ids have problems: 83767, 91272, 140460, 146080, 152054, 190707, 195118, 199753, 205628, 211131, 213530, 235850
2010-03-11 08:45
Sounds interesting, I will contact you later with some questions :)
2010-03-10 22:05
Funny thing... some days ago I _have_ written a plugin for anki that shows example sentences and their translations for my japanese vocabulary. I am currently in the final testing/optimizing stage and hope to release it somewhere around next week.

It uses the index lines to identify example sentences, so at the moment it works with Japanese only. Handling other languages would be a bit more difficult without some kind of index data (e.g. to find example sentences that contain an inflected form of the word you are studying)