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Ricardo14 Ricardo14 June 15, 2020 June 15, 2020 at 9:20:02 PM UTC link Permalink

** Tatoeba UI Translation (Localization) Monthly Update °1 (May 15 - June15 )**

(Next one will be published between July 1st and 3rd)

Hi there, everyone! Glad to talk to you? It's been months since I've started to take care of localization (Translation of the User Interface). We could implement 2 new languages (Gronings and Kurdish) and start new projects.

As for now, thanks for **everyone** who is participating. Your efforts are helping all the community to have Tatoeba fully translated in one's native language and so, it brings us a better user experience (not to say that it may help language learners to "explore" Tatoeba using it in a language (s)he's learning).


As for now, we 92 project languages which 8 are fully translated for now* (cf )

The User Interface in Breton, Dutch, Finnish, (2 strings left for each one), Romanian and Spanish (3), and Kabyle (12) are nearly fully translated.

3 projects were implemented during this range:
- Turkmen (350 strings translated out 1,640)
- Uyghur (181 strings translated out 1,640);
- Oriya, Telugu, Minangkabau, Hunsrik, Cantonese, Zaza, Urdu and Swabian - (no strings translated yet)

You can help us to translate into these languages and/or in other languages listed in there or not. Just leave me a private message - or email me -