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Igider Igider 30 days ago, edited 30 days ago January 4, 2023 at 9:23:46 PM UTC, edited January 4, 2023 at 9:36:58 PM UTC link Permalink


Thank you for your answer.

Rafik is/was not the person responsible for the Kabyle corpus. And we were not informed of this event at all. It was expeditious! And do you find it normal that a contributor of a language wants to add almost 100,000 sentences to another language?

Would you accept that a contributor of your respective languages, after 3 years of contribution, decides overnight to add tens of thousands of sentences to another language? And this behind closed doors? Would you really do it? Is that moral?

I have not insulted Islam, I have exposed facts, the same ones concerning Algeria, I have exposed sentences found in independent newspapers. I have a total of 150 sentences on these two words, unlike those who proselytize and Judeophobie speech in thousands of sentences. You have the links.

The kabyle flag is our really representative flag. Berber flag representd all berber in the world. Do you accept changing your own flag to another just because it matters for a person who is not concerned about it?

For the repetitive sentences, I have already talked about them, as well as the solutions.

By the way, I translate every day.

I'll respect your decision whatever you'll decide.

Best regards.

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Rafik Rafik 30 days ago January 4, 2023 at 10:23:42 PM UTC link Permalink

Hello to all and best wishes. my wish for 2023 and that all these controversies stop and that Tatoeba will be better.

After transferring the sentences from Talwit to the Berber corpus, I actually asked the admins to be able to keep those with an audio recording in our corpus (kabyle). I found it abnormal and unfair that users who had spent hours making their recordings saw their efforts serving another corpus. The admins contacted Talwit who agreed to release the sentences in question.
For the flag affair, it's like seeing the European corpuses with a single flag, that of the European Union and the inscriptions: Fra, Ita, Spa, Ger, Por... to differentiate them! that does not make any sense.

Shishir Shishir 30 days ago January 4, 2023 at 10:45:37 PM UTC link Permalink

Hi Igider,

Rafik was the person who complained to us and mentioned the sentences with audio, that is why he was informed about the fact that these Kabyle sentences that already had audio remained Kabyle, it's not that we went to inform him as leader of the Kabyle project. I myself do not know how your project is run or whether there is a particular leader or people just expose their complaints directly to us like the contributors of any other language.

If someone or even all the other Spanish speakers wanted to change their sentences to another language I admit I would wonder, but it would be their decision after all and I would respect it, since it is their work and their sentences we are talking about. If I had reasons to ask for such a change of my own sentences I would also not feel compelled to tell the other Spanish speakers about it, but again we might be dealing with a different way of leadership since your Kabyle project seems to have some kind of hierarchy that the other languages lack.

About not insulting Islam and Algeria but exposing facts... you added these sentences, which I would consider closer to personal opinions than proven facts:

#8111667 The Algerian Arabs are happy when the Kabyle are killed by their Arab-Islamist army.

#8111685 The minority of Kabyle who support the criminal and corrupt Algerian state are Islamist Kabyle.

#10698511 Les islamistes algériens, tout comme le pouvoir algérien dictatorial, soutiennent Poutine mais préfèrent vivre en Occident.

#8126416 Muslims who are tolerant are no longer Muslims because they no longer apply the precepts of Islam that are liberticidal.

#9635667 The majority of Muslims are ready to kill anyone who criticizes Islam which is not a religion but a dangerous sect. Don't we say that "religion is a successful sect"?

And I know there are other users who also add offensive sentences, more than you do. But complaining about them when you also write offensive sentences is kind of shocking.