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We cannot determine yet whether this sentence was initially derived from translation or not.

Comment ça se fait que tu en saches autant sur l'histoire du Japon?

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Comment se fait-il que tu en saches autant sur l'histoire du Japon ?

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Comment se fait-il que tu en saches autant sur l'histoire du Japon ?

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Wie kommt es, dass du so viel über die japanische Geschichte weißt?
Woher kennst du dich so gut in der Geschichte Japans aus?
How come you know so much about Japanese history?
How is it that you know so much about Japanese history?
Kiel okazas, ke vi scias tiom pri la historio de Japanujo?
¿Cómo es que sabes tanto sobre la historia de Japón?
Wie kommt das, dass du so viel von japanischer Geschichte kennst?
Miten tiedät niin paljon Japanin historiasta?
Miten sinä tiedät niin paljon Japanin historiasta?
איך זה שאתה יודע הרבה כל כך על ההיסטוריה היפנית?
איך זה שאת יודעת כל כך הרבה על היסטוריה יפנית?
איך זה שאתה יודע כל כך הרבה על היסטוריה יפאנית?
Hogy van, hogy ilyen sokat tudsz Japán történelméről.
Com'è che sai così tanto sulla storia giapponese?
Com'è che sa così tanto sulla storia giapponese?
Com'è che sapete così tanto sulla storia giapponese?
तुला जपानी इतिहासाबद्दल एवढं सगळं कसं माहीत आहे?
Wo kummt dat, dat du so veel von japaansche Geschicht afkennst?
Ot karakál mu bálu king kasálesáyan ning Japan?
Óbat karakál mu bálu tungkúl king kasalésáyan ning Hapón?
Como é que você sabe tanto sobre a história do Japão?
Como sabe você tanto sobre a história do Japão?
Откуда ты так хорошо знаешь историю Японии?
Bakit marami kang alam tungkol sa kasaysayan ng Hapon?
Nasıl oluyor da Japon tarihi hakkında o kadar çok şey biliyorsun?
Звідки ти так багато знаєш про історію Японії?
Звідки ви так багато знаєте про історію Японії?


sacredceltic sacredceltic 2010-08-03 10:12 link permalink

préférer l'inversion "Comment se fait-il que..."

kurisutofu kurisutofu 2010-08-03 13:09 link permalink

Je ne suis pas trop d'accord. La phrase en japonais a un ton moins formel ...

sacredceltic sacredceltic 2010-08-03 13:15 link permalink

En français, l'inversion dans une question n'a rien de formel. C'est juste du français correct.
"Comment ça se fait'" est du language parlé incorrect.

sacredceltic sacredceltic 2010-08-03 13:17 link permalink

par ailleurs, en français, on met une espace avant les points d'interrogations et d'exclamation.

kurisutofu kurisutofu 2010-08-03 16:40 link permalink

Voila, c'est changé mais çà correspond moins au ton japonais ...

sacredceltic sacredceltic 2010-08-03 17:30 link permalink

Votre perception sur la question est erronée. Je vous assure, en tant que francophone natif depuis 48 ans, qu'il n'y a aucune différence de 'ton' entre "Comment ça se fait" et "Comment se fait-il". Il y a juste une différence de français. La première est incorrecte mais commune, je vous l'accorde, et l'autre est correcte et également commune.

FeuDRenais FeuDRenais 2010-08-03 17:40 link permalink

You gave Paul a hard time when he said he was a native speaker, ignored two other native speakers, and ultimately did not change your sentence (not even with Trang's convincing Google argument). And now you use the native speaker argument here, when it's in your favor.

Either respect nativity or don't, but please pick one.

sacredceltic sacredceltic 2010-08-03 18:06 link permalink

Ah, Super-Linguist, the planet's hero, coming to the rescue of his dog!
I was thinking of you shopping in my local grocery, because they advertise bio products with collectibles for children to make them become "heroes of the planet".
To come back to your revenge, defining "native" is not that straightforward: I am 48, Paul is 40. I have been learning English since I'm 5, have British family, lived and worked in the UK and North America, had 2 british companions and a canadian one, and spoke and read far more English than French over the last 25 years as a result.
I don't know about Paul's record and this is none of my business, but we're not that far way on English...I'm certainly closer to native in English as he is in Japanese in any case. I used to teach different subjects to Brits and I corrected their English more than once...
Anyway, kurisutofu has a wrong perception of the inversion of questions in French (which is the standard way of putting a question in that language...) and that's that. Check with any expert in French.