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Still beta

This work is based on this project.

Please note that this tool is not complete and may contain errors (although it will be accurate for most searches).

Hanzis - Kanjis search

This tool allows you to find information about kanjis/hanzis, especially when you don't know how to input them directly with IMEs. The main way to do this is by submitting subglyphs of the character.

For example, for 蝴, you can enter 月虫 as subglyphs (you don't need to know every subglyph).

If you don't know how to input subglyphs either, but you know a character that also contains this subglyph, then you can use the explode form.

For example, say you want to search 瞧, but you don't know how to input 隹 in order to make the search more accurate. If you know 推, you can just explode it. Clicking on a subglyph will add it to the search form.

On the right you also have the most common radicals grouped by strokes, in case you don't have any way to type hanzis/kanjis.

Search a character by describing it