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2017-12-11 12:23
Arabic word of the day:
Glasses - نظّارات;sort=random

I'd also appreciate it if contributors translated my sentences into their languages, and once again, thanks to all the friendly contributors that translate my sentences from Arabic and English into other languages. I think that Tatoeba is here to promote friendship and cooperation between speakers of various languages.

2017-12-10 10:40
Arabic word of the day:
Van - عربة;sort=random

I'd also be very grateful to any user who would translate my sentences into their language(s).
2017-12-09 13:59
Arabic word of the day:
Bus - حافلة;sort=random

I'd appreciate it if members translated my sentences into their languages and I'd also like to express my deepest gratitude to all the friendly and nice members who translate my sentences. Tatoeba needs to promote friendship and not intellectual sterility.
2017-12-07 12:52
Arabic word of the day:
Window - نافذة;sort=random

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2017-12-07 20:17
Thanks. I hope it will be a new tradition. (I mean words of the day in different languages).
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2017-12-08 08:05
Das deutsche Wort des Tages: Mensch.

Es gibt 1439 noch in keine Sprache übersetzte Sätze mit diesem Wort:;sort=random.
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2017-12-08 08:20
Thanks both CK and Pfirsichbaeumchen for sharing their words!
That's really cool.
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2017-12-08 11:50
Thanks for your encouraging message. I'm very willing to be a productive member in the Tatoeba community (as long as I'm respected as a full member of that community and I'm not talked to or treated disrespectfully). I'd also appreciate it very much if you -and other users (especially those who usually translate my Arabic and English sentences into their languages and I'm very grateful to)- translated my sentences into your languages. Many Russian-speakers learn or are interested in learning Arabic, whether they are Muslim (to help them understand the Quran, the Islamic holy book) or non-Muslims (many of whom are professional expatriates who work in various sectors in the Arab world or other professionals such as translators and journalists who work in Russia but use Arabic).
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2017-12-08 17:15
I see. I translated most of your "hotel" sentences in Russian (not all of them, cause some of them are too advanced for me). The other reason I probably skipped some sentences is the random order, cause when I go from one page to another some sentences repeat due to that order. And some others probably don't appear at all.
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2017-12-08 20:14
I would like to thank you from my heart for translating my sentences. If some sentences are too difficult for you to understand, please feel free to post a comment so that I give you some more explanation (meanings of words, idioms, challenging terms, especially compound terms, possible contexts, etc.). We are here to help each other, not to show off and try to impress people with huge (but not always useful statistics) and intellectual vanity which is the absolute opposite of the friendly and cooperative spirit that prevails among professional translators. Once again, thank you and I'm looking forward to seeing your translations of my sentences in the future.
2017-12-08 20:18
Let me also explain why some of these sentences are a little bit challenging: some of the people who visit this website are professional translators or translation students, and those people need longer, more elaborate, and more challenging sentences to translate into Arabic (and possible, into other languages).
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2017-12-09 06:56
You're welcome.
Yes, I see, there are people with different levels of knowledge in languages. I do my best to translate sentences on Tatoeba correctly, but some of them are beyond my abilities. That's very nice from you. Sure, I'll ask you if I'm in doubt how to translate a certain sentence, cause in many cases knowing the context is cruicial for translating.
2017-12-08 12:24
Arabic word of the day:
Hotel - فندق;sort=random

I would appretiate it if you translated these few sentences into your languages. Besides, I'd like to thank the users who already translated them into their languages.

2017-12-03 07:42 - 2017-12-03 09:52
I wonder what's going on with CK's account. Since recently he's been added lots of low quality sentences with obvious mistakes and typos, like "Both Tom and Mary be there" or "Both Do Tom and John have beards?".
As long as he's always been considered one of the most trustworthed contributors of Tatoeba, it seems really strange. I suppose someone might hack his account and add the wrong sentences for purpose.

@CK, if your account hasn't been hacked and you added the sentences accidentally, please let us know.

If someone can contact CK via his private email, messengers or social networks, please do it and warn him.

Editing: CK told me that his account hadn't been hacked.
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2017-12-05 07:51
> Editing: CK told me that his account hadn't been hacked.

But he goes on adding sentences with typos and even to those he adds the green mark "OK" ...
2017-12-05 15:07
> low quality sentences with obvious mistakes
> and typos, like "Both Tom and Mary be there"

Are you sure this is a mistake? The Wikipedia article on African-American English has an example “He be working Tuesdays” (‘He frequently (or habitually) works on Tuesdays’).

Wouldn’t “Both Tom and Mary be there” mean ‘Both Tom and Mary are usually there’ in that variety of English?
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2017-12-05 18:05
It's only a random example. There were lots of mistakes and typos of different kinds. You can have a look at the logs.
It seems he corrected most of his mistakes (maybe all of them, I didn't really follow it).
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2017-12-06 23:33
That's strange. Maybe you could contact him through his website:
2017-12-04 12:57
I want to resurrect an old idea that has been proposed in different ways over time.

Looking at sentences, I found sentence #1331462 "I don't work for nobody". While this sentence can certainly be found in English, it is a tricky sentence as it is slang and liable to confuse learners.

My thought is that certain tags should be designated as "Markers" that, once applied to a sentence, will show up to the right of the sentence itself. I might make a mock-up of this later when I have time.

Markers can help 'mark' sentences that are slang, vulgar, factually untrue or using a non-standard dialect that is otherwise not its own language. Language learners can then choose in their settings whether or not to show sentences that are slang, or a particular dialect, etc.

In practice, they will be Tags, only they will show up prominently next to the sentence itself, so that learners can easily identify them.

I wonder what the community thinks of this.
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2017-12-04 17:47
I completely agree. The main feature of it should be the possibility to display or ignore whole categories of sentences using user's settings.

I suggest such categories:
1) Standard: grammatically correct and natural sentences, which fit in official rules of the given language and are suitable for all learners.
2) Dialect: regional dialects of languages, which aren't known by most native speakers from other regions.
3) Archaic.
4) Non-standard: colloquial forms which don't fit in official rules. They're useful for communication, but it's better to avoid them on exams.
5) Vulgar and adult (could be two separate categories or one). Contains curse words and/or adult content, might be not appropriate for children.
6) Less than natural: grammatically correct, but unlikely used in real life "texbook style" sentences.
7) @change or delete.

I suggest also categories to specify a country: "British English", "American English", "Brazilian Portugese", "Continental Portugese", etc.

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2017-12-06 19:45
I agree with @sabretou and @Selena777. For those people who are learning a new language, it must be frustrating to discover that they have spent their limited time in learning a substandard register of that language or one that is poorly understood by its native speakers in a country's capital city.

Since it may be impractical to mark hundreds of thousands of sentences as being thoroughly and completely standard, though, perhaps this feature should be implemented as a filter that would NOT display, according to a user's particular preferences, those particular sentences marked as dialectal, archaic, non-standard, vulgar or stilted.
2017-12-04 13:08
** Stats & Graphs **

Tatoeba Stats, Graphs & Charts have been updated:
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2017-12-04 14:04
2017-11-29 19:40 - 2017-11-30 15:00
Hi friends
I have a question, I look for sentences ending with "?" (without quotes). I typed "\?" in the tatoeba search box, but no sentences found. I've read the backslash is used for, for example /$ in order to found sentences which contains the dollar symbol. I did the same but with question mark instead. But no sentences were found. Could you tell me how filter by sentences ending with "?" Thank you so much in advance :)

Hola amigos,
me podrían ayudar con una cosilla :) sucede que quiero filtrar por sentences que terminen con el símbolo "?".
Ya busqué en la guía y por ejemplo ponía que para buscar sentences con el simbolo "$", habia que anteponer un backlash, asi: /$ Ya que decía que el "/" es un anulador de $, ya que el $ es un caracter especial al hacer busqueda en tatoeba.
He querido hacer lo mismo pero con el simbolo de cierre de pregunta, ya que quiero filtrar sentences que terminen en "?" (sin comillas), entonces he puesto en la casilla de busqueda, asi:

sin embargo no me arroja ninguna sentences.
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2017-11-30 04:12 - 2017-11-30 04:13
Dollar sign ('$') and underscore ('_') are the only common punctuation characters that can be found via a search on the Tatoeba website. Others, like question mark ('?'), cannot be found, even if preceded by a backslash. I updated the wiki to reflect this.
2017-11-24 15:34
I'm seeing a variety of sporadic search errors, including "The request has been black-holed." I sent an e-mail to the team.
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2017-11-25 10:07
I have created an GitHub issue for this:

As for now, it seems these errors are gone (I haven't done anything in particular for that). If it happens again, feel free to comment on the GitHub issue to document it further.
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2017-11-25 18:57
Thanks. Another such error did happen, and I left a comment on the GitHub issue.