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2010-01-12 15:02
Why are the flags made lighter than they are in reality? The Dutch flag now looks exactly like the Luxembourg flag.
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2010-01-12 18:46
That's because back at the time when I introduced the flags as the indicator of the language of a sentence, I felt that the real colors were too strong and needed to be lightened a little bit to fit more to the overall colors of the site.

But you're right, it leads to issues such as having a flag of a country looking like the one of another country.
2010-01-12 19:01
But anyway if someday luxembourg language is added, its flag too, and it will look lighter than dutch flag :) (and the contrast between red and blue is kept as the red is also lighter)
2009-12-28 16:33
The readings for <arabic numeral>日 are incorrect, but <kanji numeral>日 are correct. Figured I'd leave a note here rather on some particular entry as it applies to many.
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2010-01-11 20:40
Thanks for the note. I've corrected them.
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2010-01-12 00:06
Great! Furthermore, <numeral>日間 should also have the same reading as <numeral>日+かん. When there is no numeral, it is read ひあい.

Further <numeral>日 exceptions:
*一日三秋(いちじつさんしゅう/いちにちさんしゅう)- anthy only gives the kanji when inputting the former reading.
*七日鮫(なのかざめ)- anthy cannot produce this.
I didn't dig any deeper into this, but I imagine there are loads of special cases to be found.
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2010-03-28 14:25
And I remembered I didn't reply to you about this.

If you have been reading some of the latest messages you might have guessed that we're in the process of switching to another software for romanization, which will hopefully be more of a long term solution.

With the current one (KAKASI), I've reached the point where adding new rules to get correct romanization was too much of a hassle...
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2010-03-28 14:42
Yes, I'd noticed. Hope the new software proves better. I also noticed that the next release might have kana in addition to romaji which would be a welcome feature.
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2010-03-28 18:55
In fact the release will maybe replace romaji by kana, in a first time, and if people prefer to have both, the we will work to have both
2010-01-03 21:20
Did a CSV file download, could not find any Estonian sentences there?
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2010-01-05 18:24
in fact as written in the download section, the last csv was generated a month ago, when estonian was not present in tatoeba, so at the next generation, estonian will be in it (in the same time we will review the way we generate csv to make it more "automatic" )
2010-01-11 13:56
In case you are interested, I have updated the files. You should find Estonian now.
2009-12-29 19:23
Is there a way to delete a sentence? And a comment?

There also seems to be sync issue as submitted changes are not there. I think I have entered 2 sentences, but stat shows 5... A have corrected sent several times, but the old version is still there... And each edit seems to add a new sentence not to modify the existing one. Well I guess don't follow the UI logics...
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2009-12-30 16:40

There is currently no way for users to delete a sentence, nor a comment. Of course someday it will be possible, but we don't have much time for now and it is not a "vital" feature.

Instead of deleting a sentence, you can always replace it by another one.
As for deleting comments, well it doesn't really hurt anyone if you have posted a comment unintentionally :)

Now regarding your sync issue... I'm not sure to understand how you proceeded. But you can try to read the help and see if it helps:

There is one thing that is not mentioned though: if you want to modify a sentence, you have to click on it. Then a form will appear and you will be able to edit it.

For instance here, this is one of your sentence:
Try clicking on it, then change the text, then press OK.

Generally speaking, we are aware that the UI is not intuitive for everyone. We're trying our best but keep in mind that this is a project we're working on in our free time, so sometimes you have to bear with us.

Anyway you can always help out by telling us what we should display and how we should things so that you would understand how it works :)
2009-12-30 16:44
Oh by the way, you have to be careful while replying to messages on the Wall. You had replied by mistake to Swift's message ( But I moved your message to the top.

It's also better to post a new message (instead of replying) if you are talking about another topic. We check the Wall everyday so you don't have to worry about your message going unnoticed.
2009-12-28 21:26
Could not find Estonian in the language list, please add, if possible.
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2009-12-29 01:06
No problem, but could you please first add a few sentences/ translation, even if not detected by the system, that way it will give us some sample to test the detection for Estonian and integrate it well :)
2009-12-29 12:27
I've just seen you have added yesterday five sentences in Estonian :)
if you know how to say them in english you can translate them as other people are more likely to know how to translate from english, and it will be far more usefull for people who wants to know sentences in Estionian.

anyway thanks to make Tatoeba more complete :D
2009-12-29 17:47
Estonian has been added :) Enjoy.
2009-12-26 16:36
The search results currently have a line with a couple of icons, one with a link to the item and the other to the comments.

The second line is the sentence itself, and the following lines have translations of it. The translations are links to those items, but the sentence is not a link.

It seems that things could be simplified and made a bit more intuitive if those icons were dropped and the search result sentence made into a link to that item. We'd lose the comments link, but it points to the same page anyway.
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2009-12-27 20:31
You're right. I redesigned a little bit the sentences blocks following your suggestions.

We'll see if it bothers anyone...
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2009-12-28 16:10
I for one think it looks better now.

2009-12-22 21:24

1. Can I translate more than 1 sentence each time? I want to translate in the rate of 50-100 words/day but my connection isn't fast and I don't want to wait for each senetence.

2. Is there any way to download the sentences for languages other than Japanese/English, e.g. Indoenesian or Hebrew, then translating and resending them to you so you can import the translated sentences in your database?

Thank you,

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2009-12-22 22:44
I've answered to your email but I'm posting my reply here too in case other people wonder.

1. For now, the only way you can translate more than one sentence at a time is from the search. Type a word in the search bar, it will display results (provided you entered something in English or Japanese that is quite common). You can translate from the results. It displays 10 sentences per page but I can make it display more sentences per page if you feel this is a good solution for you to translate several sentences. Just let me know.

2. For now it's not possible yet. I mean, I probably could, but I have very little time (especially these days), and I'd rather set up some automated system for that.
Besides, we did consider giving the possibility to users to download a file with sentences formatted to be opened with a program called PoEdit. You will then have a page somewhere on Tatoeba where you can upload this file, and it will import your sentences. It's not likely to be implemented before end of January though.
2009-12-24 15:10
Alright, we've added a "show more..." link in the random sentence. You can click on it to display more than one random sentence :)

You will be able to specify the language and the number of sentences displayed.
2009-12-23 17:21
About the community building mentioned in the Tatoeba blog:

Are you planning on creating a forum? I think that would help the community grow and having different threads for introductions, bug reports, feedback, etc would make it easier for users to follow the discussions. I'm not sure if it is necessary yet - there are only a bit under 300 members right now - but it would be cool nevertheless.

What do other users think?
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2009-12-23 19:09
Yes it's in our todo list (like sooooo many other things). But as you noticed, right now there aren't that many members.

That's why we set up this "Wall", it's more simple and for now it is largely enough for people to report bugs, give feedback, introduce themselves or write about whatever :)

When the Wall will start reaching its limits in terms of usability, we'll start considering the forum solution.
2009-12-23 11:57
Hi there,

What can I do with repeated sentences? Is there a way to link one entry to the other or maybe even merge them?

Anyways, thank you for this wonderful project.
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2009-12-23 12:24
You don't have to worry about them. We take care of merging them :) We actually already launched a loooong cleaning process a few weeks ago, it removed about 10,000 exact duplicate sentences.
We're going to launch it again sometime, after we've cleaned the sentences from typos or extra spaces where there shouldn't be or things like that.

Anyways, thank you for your contributions. I'm happy to see German getting popular again :D It used to be the 4th language in Tatoeba, until extremely motivated contributors in Chinese and Spanish came along...
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2009-12-23 12:42
Does this cleaning programm also remove nearly identical sentences? I found a pair where the only difference is the punctuation mark... I'm glad you don't have to do that manually...

I'd be happy if German took the fourth place again. I'll see what I can do and show some competitive spirit. =) This is a fun way to pass time and help other language learners. :)
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2009-12-23 13:08
No it doesn't remove nearly identical sentences. I've seen sentences which differ only from the punctuation, but... Well this is a bit tricky.

If you take Japanese, there is supposedly no question mark or exclamation mark (although I suppose it's changing). Instead you have particles to express a question or an exclamation.
The fact that you write "I'm cold." or "I'm cold!" can change something in the Japanese sentence (samui desu / samui desu yo).

So to be safe, I wouldn't delete a sentence that has a nearly identical twin, with only a difference of punctuation.
2009-12-18 15:08
Hey guys, any chance of having Norwegian language added?

Thx and congrats for the great site (which has become my new hobbie)!

P.S.: Portuguese GET!
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2009-12-23 01:15
Norwegian Bokmål has been added as a supported language :)

Please, when you have time, add a few sentences in this language to check if the language detection works properly.
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2010-01-05 19:28
thank you. The language detection is working fine.
2009-12-18 17:15
Yes, actually someone else has also requested us to add Norwegian. He actually asked to add both Norwegian Nynorsk and Norwegian Bokmål.

But for that, we're waiting until we have either :
1) Our own language detection system (because for now we're relying on Google's detection, which is reaching its limit...)
2) Or added a feature that enables people to indicate the language of the sentence (instead of having is systematically auto-detected).

Now you have to know that it is not forbidden to add Norwegian sentences, even if it's not "officially" supported. You will not be able to set the language as Norwegian (yet), but you can do that later, when we actually add Norwegian as a supported language.
Besides, it will actually give us some pressure to add it as soon as possible :P

Anyway thanks for your support! We're always glad to see motivated people like you joining the project :D
And congratulations for bringing Portuguese to the 6th position in terms of number of sentences!
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2009-12-18 18:40
(Crap, I sent the message by mistake without having finished it)
Well, I don't think the bokmål/nynorsk differentiation would be a problem. Most online dictionaries I've seen so far deal with bokmål as the pattern.

(btw, thanks for your gentle commentary)
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2009-12-19 21:01
The thing is, we want to be as accurate as possible.

I have no idea how different Bokmål and Nynorsk are, but I believe they are more different than the difference between Portuguese in Portugal and in Brazil. There must be a reason why there are two different language codes for each in the ISO 639-3 codes (

Besides it could offend some people if we don't make the difference ^^'
2009-12-18 18:37
>>>> You will not be able to set the language as Norwegian (yet), but you can do that later, [...]

Great, I'll do that. I don'
Regarding the bokmål/nynorsk differentiation, I guess something similar happens to Portuguese... in most cases one can handle to write a phrase that sounds like Brazilian Portuguese and that spoken in Portugal, but sometimes that's just impossible. Same thing for African Portuguese, which sounds to me almost like a different language. In this case I'm indicating in the phrase 'Portugal'/'Brazil'.
2009-12-18 17:28
and congratulation to have contribute to have made today the second (and with a little bit effort) day in term of contributions
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2009-12-18 17:39
* and with a little bit effort made it the first day , typed too fast sorry