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2016-02-10 23:41
I see that Horus still doesn't have an avatar. Maybe we could just use this temporarily:

It means "Horus" in hieroglyphs.
2016-02-06 19:40
Thank you for fixing the website so quickly!
2016-01-29 20:11 - 2016-01-29 20:43
"Do you have any other suggestions on how we can improve the quality of the Tatoeba Corpus?"

There's also the rating system that can be activated in the settings. Maybe this could be used to improve the quality of sentences in the future.

Edit: Also I think that we shouldn't be allowed to rate our own sentences.

It might also be a good idea to only allow native speakers, or very proficient non-native speakers, to rate sentences.
2016-01-29 20:08
"the random sentence that is shown on Tatoeba's main screen should only be an owned sentence"

I agree.
2016-01-02 21:00 - 2016-01-02 21:01
It's not a big deal, but I wonder why certain sentences have jumped to the top of "My Sentences". This one for example: . It has not been edited since I added it in 2013.
2015-12-31 22:53
Happy New Year!
2015-12-26 01:43
Merry Christmas!
2015-11-07 17:49
2015-10-31 23:12 - 2015-10-31 23:12
Thanks a lot for your commitment to Tatoeba! And also thanks to all the developers!
2015-10-11 17:26
That's really nice. Maybe you could make an avatar for Horus like the one you made for yourself, except that instead of being a cat silhouette, it would be a bird silhouette.
2015-10-11 17:25
2015-10-11 03:13
I think that Horus should have his own personality! He could become Tatoeba's mascot.
2015-10-11 01:29
Second request: The same as last week:
2015-09-27 17:35
2015-09-27 17:34
Thank you!
2015-09-27 16:56
I know, but this is more intuitive.
2015-09-27 16:40
Second request: make the "Tags" button link to the list of tags.

When I'm looking at a sentence, I would like to be able to click on "Tags" to look at this list ""
2015-09-27 16:38
Here's my request:

Feature request: Mass-tagging of sentences

Could there be a way to tag a large number of sentences with the same tag quickly? There could be, like, checkboxes that you would check next to the sentences and then click on a button to apply a tag: "by Tom".

This would be useful when adding many sentences from the same source. For example, adding many sentences from the story Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi.
2015-04-12 15:39
"wish list would allow users to add words and expressions to a list and other users could fulfill the wishes by adding sentences with these words and expressions."

That seems like a good idea.

Maybe there could be something similar for corrections.
User 1 writes a sentence. "The squirel is happy." User 2 submits a correction "The squirrel is happy." And then user 1 sees something like: "User 2 has submitted a correction. Do you wish to accept it?" Just an idea.

But what I really want is the ability to tag many sentences at the same time.