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2017-12-03 07:42 - 2017-12-03 09:52
I wonder what's going on with CK's account. Since recently he's been added lots of low quality sentences with obvious mistakes and typos, like "Both Tom and Mary be there" or "Both Do Tom and John have beards?".
As long as he's always been considered one of the most trustworthed contributors of Tatoeba, it seems really strange. I suppose someone might hack his account and add the wrong sentences for purpose.

@CK, if your account hasn't been hacked and you added the sentences accidentally, please let us know.

If someone can contact CK via his private email, messengers or social networks, please do it and warn him.

Editing: CK told me that his account hadn't been hacked.
2017-11-01 19:42
2017-11-01 07:08
In which regions of Russia the Kazakh language is reconized officially as a regional language?
2017-11-01 07:05
I agree with what you said on Github and I don't see a real nesessarity in "native speaker verification" before starting the work on the converter, cause those rules of transliterations are all in common textbooks and those exception roots can be easily found in vocabularies. It's a work which an intermediate level speaker can do. Of cause, any native or professional Serbian speaker is very welcome to check and complete the list, but it can be done in the process of work.
I also agree that Cyrillic script is preferable to use for Serbian contribution, but in fact many Serbian speakers prefer to use Latin in their everyday writing communications, so an obligation to only use Cyrillic might become a kind of burden for them.
2017-10-31 17:44
Welcome! Glad to see a Lithuaninan contributor here, it will be a good opportunity to grasp some basic structures of the language (if only translating simplest sentences isn't a tedious task for you). :)
2017-10-30 19:00
Actually, we have similar situation with Serbian which uses both Cyrillic and Latin alphabets right now. Serbian Tatoeba corpus consists of both types. The conversion can be fully automatized only in the case "Cyrillic to Latin". Automatic "Latin to Cyrillic" conversion will give wrong results sometimes.
2017-08-11 20:07
I like that way of studing languages, with examples, much more than grammar rules. I think it can work. Regarding audio, they are very helpful. But... How can we know how exactly Latin and Ancient Greek sounded? Is there any "correct" or "preferred" accent, or everyone just speaks with their native accent?
2017-08-09 19:39
Hello, Neven!
I wonder if Latin and Ancient Greek can be learned the same way as modern languages (audio and dialogs) or they nesessary takes much of grammar rules drilling.
2017-08-09 17:21
You do have a profile picture.
Which operating system do you use?
2017-08-09 09:32
I believe, neither. It seems like a bug, that duplicates parts of his sentences and merges them.
2017-08-09 09:29
It seems you faced a bug. Some of your sentences seem really strange, like this one:
2017-08-08 20:04
Probably, Foenix's account has been hacked. What admins are supposed to do in such cases?
2017-01-15 08:03
Yes, you can add sententes to your personal favourite list (there is an icon in the shape of a heart above every sentence). Also you can create lists of sentences, private or public (for example, "English sentences which are appropriate for young kids", "Ukrainian beginner's level sentences" and so on.
2016-11-05 14:00
2016-11-05 08:09
Hello Michel.
Thanks for your work. It's interesting and helpful.
Is it on CC licence like tatoeba?
2016-10-07 15:45
There was an attempt to ban Wikipedia in Russia, for the article, which told how to make some drug. The government asked to delete the illegal page, but Wikipedians refused to do. Finally the government didn't ban the whole Wikipedia, and I don't remember is the illegal page was banned or deleted or not.

Anyway, we both expressed our opinions on the issue, let's wait what another people could say.
2016-10-07 07:37
Yes, many moral values are relative and could be different from culture to culture. But (almost?) every language have a list of obscene words, and using of those words in public discussions are prohibited or limitated. Also there are phrases, which describe sexual activities, and many people find them unwanted to see for themselves or at least for their children. If a newcomer opens Tatoeba and sees a phrase like the one, which started the discussion, it's very likely he or she won't continue to use the site. And it could be even worse if the newcomer is a child and their parents decide to look, what he or she studies, and just block the site after such a phrase.

My idea is very simple: hiding by default sentences with tags for "obscene language" and "sex". The first list is sentences with "prohibited" words (which are normally "beeped"), and the second list are phrases which could be hardly used in any other situation, than describing sexual relationships or activities. Regarding the tag "religion", I understand it might be sensitive topic, too, but I have no idea how to handle with it. I believe we should solve problems when they appears :)

I have no idea why you describe the idea as a "censorship" as long as there is always a capability to show the hidden sentences.
2016-10-05 19:42
In my opinion, this kind of sentences is OK, if they aren't regarding to any real person. Sure, they must go with proper tags. All those words are a part of the language, and learners should have a choice to learn them or not. I think there must be an option in the search "include obscene language", and by default it must be disabled. If a user want to learn such words and expressions, they would enable the option (confirming then they're adult before).

Can anyone make a request for this?
2016-09-09 09:00
It would be great to create such a site you described. You know, Tatoeba has its owners, who make the rules, and they stick their rules, as those rules match the purpose the owners gave to the site. (Every sentence should have an author, and if the author is trustworthed, the sentence will be trustworthed, too).
Your appoach seems to me similar to Wikipedia appoach, that's no matter who's the author of the article, it should be checked and corrected if nesessary, and it will be trustworthed after checking. There is no authors, every article is a collective labour.
Personally, I like that approach more.

If you start working on a project like that, please send me a message. Or even if you just prepare to do so and want to discuss.
2016-09-07 08:57
That's a typical problem for other languages than English. Perhaps, there is no one who is learning Swedish at the moment on Tatoeba. Maybe, you will be able to grab some people from language exchange sites?