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2017-07-15 06:48
I was about to report the same thing. Also using Chrome and Edge and getting the same error.
2017-01-13 12:46
I really enjoy this app. I'm about 350 sentences in. I teach English to Ukrainian children and was wondering about producing a kid friendly version that I could infuse with vocabulary from our lessons. I don't know anything about development. Is this the right venue to have this conversation?

One thought I had while I was playing. It would be nice to be able to export useful sentences into a personal phrasebook. I haven't fully explored all the features. Is that something that's already there?

Again, it's a great app when I'm waiting for a bus or an elevator (or for my wife to get ready)

Have a great day.

2017-01-09 11:35
I downloaded 10,000 sentences and it has a nice addictive quality about it. I've done about 60 sentences in Ukrainian, which I'm learning.

I'm not sure what the read sentence button is supposed to do. Does it give you the audio if it's available? That would be helpful but as far as I can see, none of my sentences had that.

Keep up the good work. I'll let you know when I hit my first thousand.