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2011-03-28 01:02
Sysko has uploaded very useful chinese to english/french/spanish anki decks using the Tatoeba database

2011-02-07 20:15
Awesome and very useful job!!!

I would mention it in the Tatoeba download page
(I am not a firm believer in the proverb à bon vin, point d’enseigne)

In I also suggest to make a really huge chinese english deck using Tatoeba (This one without the audio but with many more sentences)
2011-02-05 08:33
Having sentences with audio is an awesome feature of Tatoeba. My suggestion would be to prepare anki decks with these data. Anki ( is probably the best SRS program available.

Baudelaire already offered to do a deck with chinese audio (, but this could also be done for other languages