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13 days ago
Just a couple of proposals. Just a mindstorm.
First, how about making two types of links? The first type will link sentences with the same meaning and the same names (Tom loves Mary. - Том любит Мэри.), and the second type will link sentences with the same pattern (Tom loves Mary. - Sami loves Layla.).
Second, we have a feature called "Alternative script" (for Japanese, it's using for furigana). So we can add another property "Sentence pattern". For example: Tom loves Mary - <MaleName> loves <FemaleName>. Pattern can be created automatically based on dictionary (dictionary of personal names, countries, cities, etc.). When a user add new sentence, Tatoeba can warn him that a sentence with a same pattern already exists.
15 days ago
25 days ago
I'm not good in PHP (not to mention framework), but I have some experience in JavaScript. The thing I really lack for is leisure time.
2019-07-01 11:48
These sentenses are from Tanaka Corpus. See Warning/Disclaimer here:
2019-07-01 08:07
If open a sentence, there are Logs block in the right part of the page. So Seael probably wants this: mouseover on hash-sentence will call an ajax query, and after server responce will create a fixed div block with sentence text.
2019-01-22 12:09
Adding alternative script to japanese sentenses causes error : The requested address '/eng/transcriptions/save/4561996/Hrkt' was not found on this server.
2018-12-20 14:19
2018-10-01 16:44
Следуя такой логике, к предложению "Tom walks with Mary" следует присоединить "Том гуляет с Мэри", но если в Tatoeba уже есть предложение "Иван гуляет с Машей", это создаёт некоторые проблемы.
2018-10-01 13:00
Если я правильно понимаю, согласно концепции Tatoeba, связи соединяют предложения с одинаковым смыслом. Цитата: When two sentences are linked, they have the same meaning.[1] То есть это не обязательно перевод. Но как в эту модель входят имена собственные? Являются ли предложения "Tom walks with Mary" и "Иван гуляет с Машей" предложениями с одинаковым смыслом?

Также Tatoeba не поощряет дословные переводы. Цитата: We are not interested in having sentences that sound like they were written by a robot. We want sentences that really are what a native speaker would say. [2] То есть добавляя предложение на русском языке, мне нельзя использовать имена Том и Мэри, потому что это не звучит натурально?

2018-08-29 11:51
The Wall is not a place for such questions.
かけた電話番号 - dialed phone number.
2018-07-03 09:46
When you add a new translation, you do not know if you add a new sentence or link an existing one. So we need some kind of notice about it.
2018-07-03 08:24
CK's proofread list of sentences:
2018-05-23 14:27
Try (=myself|=yourself|=yourselves|=himself|=herself|=ourselves|=themselves)
2017-10-23 14:48
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