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2014-11-16 23:51
En fait, j’ai eu droit à l’erreur moi aussi, et sans me trouver dans le cas que j’ai décrit. En cliquant sur l’icône pour lier une des traductions indirectes, la liaison s’est bien faite mais l’erreur a été tout de même affichée. Je n’ai pas la moindre idée de ce qui se passe.
2014-11-16 21:31 - 2014-11-16 21:32
Ça peut se produire si ces deux phrases de la même page sont déjà liées entre elles. Tu lies l’une à l’autre, puis l’autre à l’une, sauf qu’il suffit de ne le faire qu’une fois car les liens sont bidirectionnels. Le message d’erreur pourrait dire que tu essaies de lier deux phrases déjà liées, mais il ne donne malheureusement pas encore trop de détails et se contente simplement de dire que le lien n’a pas pu se faire, quelle qu’en soit la raison.
2014-11-16 17:39
This update also fixes an annoying bug that prevented people to send comments, wall posts, translations, private messages etc. whenever the interface language was changed from a different place than the page you were submitting from. The symptom was a never ending loading icon that replaced the text you wanted to submit, while nothing was actually submitted.
2014-11-15 23:57
> What's the point of seeing translations of sentences in 100+ languages ? Who needs it and what for ? Apart to strain the servers !

Sometimes, I just like to absent-mindedly look at huge list of translations, play some random audio if any, saying to myself “so much translations in so much languages…” while contemplating unintelligible forms of communication, for no reason.
2014-11-15 21:16
> Even more conveniently, if the selected languages are upto 5 in number, they can be represented as separate buttons ("Submit in English", "Submit in Hindi", "Submit in German") etc. and the user can directly click on the button.

Isn’t the automatic language detection already providing a convenient enough solution for this problem?
2014-11-15 21:15
>> Perhaps these languages can be selected in the settings
> They already are.

This option hides translations in languages other than specified, while sabretou was talking about the language selector. It actually makes much more sense to me to restrict or reorder the language selector. I personally find the current preferred languages option unusable because it actually causes more trouble than anything else. I often need to correlate comments with logs to understand how the local graph of a given translation group has evolved, even if it includes languages I’m not interested in. I think the problem of sentences with many many translations, like #1, could be addressed in a much better way, for instance by showing the preferred languages first, and if the list is really long, hide the end but allow to display it by clicking on a button that says “see the x other translations”. I’d like to hear people’s opinion about this.
2014-11-15 20:56
Stats are updated in real-time.

Actually, it’s because these two numbers are calculated using different algorithms, and they happen to produce different numbers. The numbers you can see on the statistics page are likely to be wrong, while the ones on the “see all sentences in” pages are likely to be right. We have not yet investigated enough time into this issue to find out what’s going wrong (related ticket:
2014-11-14 23:20
> So is the official policy to just put them into a collection where they do not really belong, or to put them into a public list for all eternity?

The policy is not to add them in the first place. Quoting AlanF¹:
“Sentences in any language, whether or not they are constructed, can be added if and only if they have an ISO 639-3 (three-letter code). Esperanto is in, Kah is not. The "unknown language" category is for sentences in languages that have an ISO 639-3 code, but that we have not yet added as recognized languages.”

Considering some dialects have been received an ISO 639-3 code, while others did not², it’s a quite unfair policy. But I understand admins don’t want to take the heavy responsibility of allowing or denying language additions.

2014-11-14 19:22
> Also, the reason that it makes the language selection list unwieldy would probably be reason to think of a way to better represent a potentially huge (thousands) list :)

We started working on a solution for this but it’s still uncomplete. You can however use it by going to your settings page and enabling the advanced language selector option.
2014-11-14 19:17
Thank you, prakhar. I’ve created a page for Pytoeba on the wiki¹ and linked your article.

sacredceltic, it’s just documentation for developers who want to help developing the website.

2014-11-13 17:13 - 2014-11-13 17:13
Personnellement, je ne suis trop pas pour ce genre de bidouilles. De manière générale, je pense qu’on ne devrait pas détériorer les traductions pour de telles raisons pratico-techniques. « français : toutes les phrases », ça fait un peu robotique. J’aurais plutôt tendance à rejeter la faute sur les navigateurs. Ce n’est pas à nous, site internet, d’assumer le fait que les navigateurs tronquent les titres et incitent à délivrer le maximum de sens avec seulement le premier mot. À titre informatif, le titre apparaît aussi très visiblement dans les résultats de Google, et on s’en sert pour nommer les favoris.

Mais bon, ce n’est que mon avis de puriste et à vrai dire je n’en voudrai à personne si vous changez la chaîne malgré tout (il suffit de la modifier sur Transifex).
2014-11-12 19:15
This update also changes the way the titles of the pages are displayed. Titles are not inside the page, it is what you usually see in your browser window bar (minus the browser name) or your tab. Before, most of the titles were inconsistent and mostly formatted like “Tatoeba - <page name>”. But I found that rather inconvenient because titles are often shrunk when tabs get smaller, and we ended up just seeing “Tatoeba…” on every tab, making them undistinguishable, so I changed it to “<page name> - Tatoeba”, and I made the “ - Tatoeba” part translatable while at it.

So it’s a very minor change that isn’t probably even worth mentioning, but it spawned a quite interesting discussion about whether we should translate the site name:
2014-11-10 16:17
That would be the best approach in my humble opinion. What kind of problems are you thinking about?
2014-11-06 11:31
How about the Basque, Hungarian, Plattdüütsch, Low German, Polish, Portuguese, Tagalog, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Arabic and Marathi translators? I think we need a broader call than a simple post on the Wall. I’m sure there are people willing to translate even if they are no more browsing the site regulary.
2014-11-04 17:01
I’m not confident into that so I just reported what you said to sysko (the author of the piece of software that does the transliteration).
2014-11-04 09:12
We are working to solve this problem by allowing users to edit transliterations.
2014-11-03 10:22
Another approach would be to have a dedicated “Tag sentences” page which would go under the “Contribute” menu, to allow people searching and tagging sentences in a more efficient way. You would first add your sentences without bothering tagging, and then tag them on that page without having to go on each sentence page.
2014-11-03 10:14
A way to add tags to newly added sentences that are not translations would be to add a button on the menu bar, along with the “translate”, “disown”, “add to favorite” and “add to list” ones. Such an “add a tag" button could act similarly to the “add to list” one we currently have, without showing the complete list of tags. But I’m afraid this area of the interface is getting a bit bloated. Along with the 4 buttons I mentioned, administrators also have a delete button. And advanced users are going to have a “link to another sentence by number” button (this will probably go with the next Tatoeba update). This means 6 buttons for advanced users and 7 buttons for administrators. On the other hand, I think the more places we make tagging available, the more useful tags are likely to be added. I’m not sure what’s the best choice here.
2014-11-03 09:53
No, not easily. And I don’t know if such a feature can be made available easily on the website since downloading multiple files is not trivial with HTTP. If you’re a developper, or know a developper who can work for you, or convince Tatoeba’s developpers to do it, it’s possible to use exported data from and write a tool that does what you want.
2014-11-03 09:44
Go to that page and select your criteria on the right panel. It will however include sentences that are not translated in language B.