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2016-11-29 12:46
> Problem:
> Tab #1 now shows From: Turkish To: Malay, taking the language settings from tab #2!

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. :-)

You have a point, though. I like to assign a type of search for each tab, too. For the time being, you may use Firefox’s private browsing. It allows you to open one more session simultaneously with the non-private one.
2016-08-26 10:39
Transifex allows to see who last-edited the translation any part of the interface. The one you’re mentioning is:

This tells us that Iriep made the change. I don’t know who is that user on Tatoeba, but you can send him/her a message through Transifex.
2016-08-01 06:46 - 2016-08-01 06:47
Good job for the profile page!

I find it a bit weird that languages with unspecified level have the text "Unspecified" while others have stars (example: ). I think we should either only use icons or only text. Mixing both feels inconsistent to me. What about not showing anything for unspecified levels (no stars, no text, just the language name and comment)?

Besides, if we switch to stars instead of bars, how do the levels will be represented on ?
2016-07-28 12:01 - 2016-07-28 12:01
We reached 5 millions of sentences! Yay us!
2016-07-14 14:05
Can someone remove these invalid sentences, please? #5240259 #5240222
2016-03-14 05:18
Thanks for confirming, bill. I pushed the fix to the production site.

Note that a wide variety of problems may cause slowdowns, so among all the members who reported slowdowns, some may still experience lags.

As for the problem I just fixed, it’s actually a regression in Firefox 45, which happened to be released around the same time we last updated Tatoeba. I just avoided the problem by modifying Tatoeba to prevent Firefox from running into that particular bug.
2016-03-14 04:33
I think I found the problem and I tried to fix it. Can you confirm me there is no problem on
2016-03-14 03:10
Alright, I'm able to reproduce the problem after upgrading to Firefox 45.
2016-03-13 22:01
I’m sorry to hear that. Since none of the developers are able to reproduce the problem at the moment, we have no way to fix it. If you’re willing to help us diagnose the problem, please send me a PM so that we can arrange a call or something. It will be much easier than exchanging messages.
2016-03-13 02:51
Also, does the problem occur while running Firefox in safe mode?
2016-03-13 02:46
Can you (and other people affected by this problem) try to enable or disable the 'smooth scrolling' option, to see if it changes something? I’m talking about this:

I would like to know if scrolling is still slow when you change this option, regardless of smoothness. Try to compare with other sites.
2016-03-12 21:18
That’s because we switched to a different provider for our SSL certificates. Try to update your browser and/or OS.
2016-03-12 19:08
Thanks for reporting, it should be fixed now.
2016-03-12 18:37
Yes, and thanks to kamillel and bill for their invaluable help!

Here are the highlights of today’s update:
• New homepage geared towards new visitors (you need to log out in order to see it)
• The website is now available in Ukrainian
• Copy to clipboard button (still in beta, enabled with a setting) is now aware of in place sentence modifications
• On Japanese sentences, reviewed furigana is now displayed within the sentence, instead of being displayed on a separate line (and it’s a little bit smaller)
• Various bug fixes

See also the complete list of changes:
2016-03-12 16:29
I see. I’ll have a look at how we can solve this.
2016-03-11 11:06
Another way to work around this problem is to clear’s cookies. In Firefox, you can do this by pressing ctrl+i (or right click on the page, View page info), going to the Security tab, clicking the View cookies button and then clicking the Remove all cookies button. I’m sorry we haven’t fixed that problem already.
2016-03-11 01:34 - 2016-03-11 01:36
> All the important stuff, like the "Latest contributions", "Latest comments" and "Latest messages" are gone.

They are not gone, they are still on the homepage, but only for logged-in users. Guests, who very likely don’t care about such content, see the homepage that “feels like a search engine”.
2016-03-10 23:07
*** Testers wanted ***

Along with the new homepage, the next Tatoeba update will fix a number of bugs:

If you can, please make some tests on to make sure these bugs been properly fixed and that we didn’t introduce regressions. Thank you!
2016-03-10 18:35
Can you give us the URLs of the page you are talking about?
2016-03-09 22:24
The lists now belong to Ricardo14. Thanks!