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2011-09-07 16:22
A new contributor ("kaannos") today added 35 Finnish translations. The sentences are quite strange, evidently coming from Google Translate or something like that. I sent him/her a polite private message. The answer was "En tiedä" ("I don't know"). I suppose he knows no Finnish. The sentences make Tatoeba an object of ridicule and should be removed. (Considering the source, some of the sentences are not very bad, though.)
2011-02-26 21:43
Thank you, Trang!
Dankon, Trang!
2011-02-23 20:53
Saluton!. Kie mi trovas ligilon al la komentoj, kiujn aliaj faris pri miaj frazoj? Mi trovas nur miajn proprajn komentojn, kiuj ne tre interesas min.

Hello! On my profile page there is a link to my comments. But I want to see the comments other users have made on my sentences. Where is that?