2010-02-04 05:05
Hi, I'm new here, so this is tentative, but I have 2 gripes:
1. Some entries are just phrases, not "sentences", where by
sentence I just mean complete thought, informal though it
may be. It seems to me that we should sell whole loaves.
2. Each sentence should make sense on its own, shouldn't it?

Sorry if these were already discussed and decided; please
point me to such information. Perhaps I'm just too rigid.
The idea, it seems to me, is that if one goes to Tatoeba
or WWWJDIC to get a sample sentence, then one should GET a
comprehensible complete sample sentence.
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2010-02-04 21:15
Yes, ideally each sentence should make sense on its own, even though everyone can pretty much submit anything...

But entries that are not "sentences" are likely to be deleted in the future. They will remain here for now because no one can delete them (except me) and we haven't really decided yet on what should be deleted and what shouldn't.
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2010-02-04 21:57
Hmm, how about making them into sentences? I mean, the phrases are here because they are significant, right? If the principle is agreed upon that entries should be context-free full sentences, then I and others would feel comfortable changing them into sentences (it would seem pretty easy in most cases).
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2010-02-04 22:04
That works too.