2014-11-22 05:54 - 2014-11-23 11:24
** Important information **

We set up a development website at The goal of this website is to bring more interaction between the Tatoeba community and the developers, by allowing anybody to test out changes before they end up on (“production website”).

The site is strictly for testing purposes. Its contents (sentences, comments, wall posts, private messages etc.) are duplicated from from time to time, but everything you submit on it will be definitely lost. Feel free to use it as a playground. Currently, the only differences with is that the search feature is disabled and it doesn’t send emails. Otherwise, everything should run exactly like on (modulo ongoing developments). You can log in using the same credentials, giving your account was created before the last synchronization from

Whenever we want people to check new things out, we’ll post a message on the Wall with details. Here is the first one of them. We are currently testing the sentence merging process (deduplication script). Newly added sentences are not merged directly. Instead, we run a process that analyse all the existing sentences in the corpus and merge them in all at once. So what you can see on is the result of merging duplicated sentences. Only exact duplicates are merged, and every merging operation is performed by a virtual user (I just called it Horus because I found that cool but we can give it any name). Horus merged 52177 sentences into 46183 sentences. You can compare sentences with the ones on to see how they got merged. Please report any sentence that sounds strangely merged to you.

Finally, translations are updated from Transifex every ten minutes. It means you can translate something on Transifex, wait a bit and see how it renders on

Edit: if possible, please post your comments regarding developments on on the Wall of Wall posts and comments on *will* be lost, and the mail notifications do not work.
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2014-11-22 10:19
This is a fantastic idea, especially the constant translation updating. That's going to be very handy indeed.
2014-11-22 11:29
Indeed, for the translators this is a great improvement. Thanks a lot!
2014-11-22 13:18
J'ai mis un message sur le Mur de

La fusion ne me semble pas correcte. J'enquête pour trouver ce qui déconne...
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2014-11-22 16:49
Il vaut mieux poster ce genre de commentaires ici que sur, car là-bas tout sera perdu. C’est mieux pour conserver la trace du développement dans son ensemble.
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2014-11-22 16:57
Je ne voulais pas affoler tout le monde en décrivant des phénomènes qui ont eu lieu sur un autre site...
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2014-11-22 17:20
Bonjour Cédric,

On ne peut plus lier les phrases entre elles. Cette option a dû être désactivée, mais ceci est-il temporaire ou définitif ?

Merci de confirmer.
2014-11-22 17:24
Effectivement, je constate aussi des anomalies. On dirait que les liens directs aux doublons ne se retrouvent pas dans la phrase fusionnée. Exemple : pour les doublons #2650203 et #1851589, #2650203 est supprimée mais ses liens directs ne se retrouvent pas dans 1851589:
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2014-11-22 17:35
Rebonjour mes amis,

Il semble que ma remarque a été un peu dépassée, car je viens d'essayer de lier des phrases entre elles et, apparemment, cela marche (de nouveau).