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2015-02-02 17:40 - 2015-02-02 18:06

I’d like people to check out something on

As you may have seen, the oldest Wall message on is from the 12th of May 2013¹, which refers to a restoration of the site. Messages past from this date have been lost due to a crash, but I’m working at restoring them. Messages up to 2009 should now be visible on (which is not the beginning of the Tatoeba project, but the launching of the website we still use today). Please tell us if you can spot any inconsistencies on the Wall of

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2015-02-06 23:50
Note that some of the lost messages have been added by people whose account have been deleted at some point. The Wall wasn’t initially intended to display ownerless messages, so I made some little modification to handle that case, by displaying “Unknown user” like this:

I was wondering if any of you ever saw ownerless messages, and if so, how they rendered.
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2015-02-07 04:16 - 2015-02-07 06:02
"Former member/contributor" might be clearer. I believe I have seen some ownerless comments that simply had the author name missing, as is the same in the logs when the owner is deleted but the sentence remains.
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2015-02-07 08:06
2015-02-07 10:59
ça me paraît bien.
Merci !