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2016-09-09 02:42
Hello, everyone! I'm pleased to meet all of you!

I'm Torres and my native language is not listed (Extremaduran).
So, I have choosen "Native language: None" when I registered but now, I'd like to add the other languages I speakeI ak but it seems to be impossible:

Any ideas?

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2016-09-09 02:51 - 2016-09-09 03:04
We have a Wiki entry about this.

Perhaps some of the information on that page needs to be updated.
I don't know who wrote that page.

Temporarily, I suggest that you choose English as a language you know, then contribute in your own language, changing the language flag after you contribute a sentence, as explained on the Wiki page.
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2016-09-09 02:59
Thanks, CK! I've read that page before but I was assuming it would be possible to add my "non-native" sentences in my profile.
I could do this thanks to "Contribute - Add Sentences" -
2016-09-09 03:31
Extremaduran, though related to Castilian and other varieties of Spanish does appear to be a language in its own right, known among its own speakers as "Lengua estremeña".

According to Wikipedia, its ISO 639-3 code is "ext". SIL also has a short summary about it:

For Tatoeba's purposes, the linguistic region already has its own representative flag: