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2018-02-01 17:34 - 2018-02-01 17:36
Today marks my first anniversary here. I'd just like to say that I like it here and I like all the members who have been supporting, asking questions and contributing translations and comments to my sentences. I think I'll stay here for a very long time, too. Although I haven't added many Arabic sentences and translations yet, I'd like to inform people who are interested in Arabic that this is on the way.

I'd also like to invite you to translate both my Arabic and English sentences in as many languages as possible.

I like Tatoeba.

* P.S. And I'd also like people who only have bad things to say (with the sole purpose of destroying other people or giving them a hard time just lead them to leave this website) to to keep staying away from me because I'm frankly allergic to those people and what they say.
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2018-02-01 17:45
Happy anniversary, Oso!
Enjoy you time on Tatoeba. Have a nice and productive work!
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2018-02-02 07:21
Thank you very much, Selena.
2018-02-02 10:27
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2018-02-05 07:12
Thank you very much, Guybrush88.
2018-02-03 00:12
It surprises me you have only been here for a year. Your wealth of contributions always made me feel like you have been here for much longer. Congratulations on your anniversary!
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2018-02-05 07:15
Thank you, sabretou. I have read somewhere on this website that it is addictive and I can tell you that this is absolutely true. Despite my very busy schedule at work, I do my best to visit as often as possible, and by the way, a year on a fascinating website like this could seem a lifetime. Again, thank you for your message.

شكرا جزيلا يا صديقي.