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2018-08-05 15:55 - 2018-08-05 16:05
Dear community,

Ricardo and I have been discussing the development of new flags for both Latin and Ancient Greek. The current Latin flag is just not as good as the others on Tatoeba, and the current Ancient Greek flag has little or nothing to do with Ancient Greece at all.

We'd like to know which flag you like best.

Below is a brief description of each candidate, followed by a preview.

(1) Current flag.
(2) Contains the SPQR (Senatus Populusque Romanus) inscription, the official name of the Roman Empire.
(3) Contains a laurel wreath, a symbol of victory for the ancient Romans.
(4) Contains the Colosseum, a symbol of Ancient Rome.

Check the Latin flags here:

(1) Current flag.
(2) Contains the front view of the Parthenon, as it once looked.
(3) Contains the front view of the Parthenon, as it looks today.

Check the Greek flags here:

The colors are not final.

You can also propose new suggestions if you like.

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2018-08-05 17:13
I'm in favour of #2 for Latin and #2 for Ancient Greek.
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2018-08-05 17:18
same here, both number 2s are the best for me
2018-08-05 18:51
2018-08-05 17:21
I'm in favor of #1 for Latin and #2 for Ancient Greek.
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2018-08-05 17:53
I agree.
2018-08-05 19:07
> current Ancient Greek flag has little or nothing to do with Ancient Greece at all.

For Latin, I find #1, #2, #3 equally fine.

For Greek, I’d prefer some combination of #2/#3 with a modern flag of Greece. Maybe a parthenon over a modern Greek flag, or a white parthenon over a blue field. Sure, Ancient Greece is not the same as Modern Greece, but the connection is quite straightforward.
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2018-08-05 19:39
> a white parthenon over a blue field.

I like this better. The other idea would be rather difficult to implement, considering the icon dimensions.
2018-08-06 00:31
This is the result:
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2018-08-06 13:15
Thanks! I really like this variant
2018-08-10 20:29
I like this as well.
2018-08-06 21:07
#2 and #2 as well.
2018-08-10 01:28
Update: I uploaded the elected flags (#2 and #2) on Github. Maybe Trang will upload them on Tatoeba next Sunday.

Pull Request -
Original Thread -
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2018-08-10 05:14
An important note, make sure that the inscription (SPQR) of the Latin flag is legible. I'm not sure if it was the contrast of colors or just the size of the letters, but I could not make them out as clearly as in the flag we already have for Latin. That being said, I DO like the colors of flag #2 much better than the colors of the flag we already have; I would just request to maybe increase the boldness of the letters a little bit.
2018-08-13 22:32 - 2018-08-13 23:20
Dear community,

As far as the flag chosen may not be readble for most of members, we (Alex and I) 'd suggest use the flag 3 since we have worked on some other combinations of flag #2 and the results seem to be the same

What do you think?
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2018-08-15 11:56
I like the idea, but it’s hard to see that it’s a wreath. I’d suggest trying a wreath with less leaves, so that leaves are bigger and more visible.
2018-08-15 08:14
From the point of view of vexillology, the simpler the design, the better. An ideal flag for a country, a sub-federal state or a city is one that can be easily recreated by a schoolchild. Lettering, like the giant "R" on the flag of Rwanda or the words "California Republic" on a state flag, should not be needed. The less busy and the more unique, the better.

I don't think "SPQR" should be on the newly constructed flag for Latin, because the meaning of the abbreviation is not well known. The wreath design, as in version 3, is lovely and appropriate, conveying deep respect, but it should have much better contrast. How about a deep Hunter Green for the wreath so that it looks more like real laurel leaves, and contrast it to a plain white background, perhaps with a thin green outline if the edge of the flag needs to be apparent on the white background of a page? Alternatively, you can reverse the colours and have the deep green (Pantone 19-5511, HTML #335749, or RGB 51 87 73) for the solid background with white laurel leaves showing in the foreground.

For the Ancient Greek, the Parthenon as it was in classic times (design 2) is clearly the best. As a concession to the modern inheritors of Greek culture, why not use the colours of the modern Greek flag? Make the Parthenon the pure white emblem, like polished marble, against a lovely blue solid background (Pantone 285, HTML #0072CE, or RGB 0 114 206), and you have the best of the old and the new.