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2018-09-01 15:37
**Tatoeba chatroom**

Most of you are probably not aware but we have, for a few weeks now, a chatroom at

Feel free to join just to say hi :)
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2018-09-01 16:13 - 2018-09-01 16:14
Hello everyone!

This room is the result of the merge of the old IRC room and the XMPP room which have existed since 2010, you can also join it from any desktop or mobile client at (I recommend Gajim on Linux, Windows and macOS, Conversations on Android, or ChatSecure on iOS).

As for the webchat, it is provided by Converse ( ), it is still missing translation and you can help at

This change brings a much more modern chat experience thanks to XMPP, with infinite history, avatars for registered users, sharing of images or videos, rich text formatting, and a lot more.
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2018-09-01 18:13
Thanks for setting this up, linkmauve!

When I see a string like "", I'm not quite clear on how to translate it into the fields that a chat program (like Gajim) uses (host, Jabber ID, "@", proxy, selection of anonymous authentication, etc.) in order to register a new account. I installed Gajim and made some guesses (for example, "host ="), but I was denied the ability to register a new account (and then kept getting a message that there had been too many registrations from my IP address). Is there a way to use an existing Jabber/Pidgin username/password?

I would appreciate it if you (or someone else) could give some more detailed instructions on how to set up and then use an account. Feel free to either write them up here or in a private message. I can write up a wiki page based on the content. Thanks a lot!
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2018-09-01 22:30
"" should ideally be displayed as a link which will open your XMPP client if you have one installed. Kind of like clicking on a "mailto: ..." link will open your email client. If you actually open a new tab and copy-paste the string in the URL bar, you should have a popup asking you which program to use.

But for this to really work, you need to make sure you have configured your client properly. Just like you cannot send emails before you configure your email account, you cannot join an XMPP chatroom before you configure your Jabber account.

To configure Gajim, from the menu: Gajim > Accounts > click on the "+" button.

(1) If you don't already have a Jabber account, Gajim actually has a list of servers where you can create an account. After you clicked the "+":
- Choose "I want to register for a new account" then click "Forward".
- Select a server. Not all of them work however, from what I remember.
- Enter a username and password.
- Then you'll have your account and will be automatically connected to it.

(2) If you already have an account, then:
- Choose "I already have an account".
- Enter your username, server and password.
- Click "Foward" then "Finish".

Once your account is setup in Gajim, you can use the "xmpp: ..." link and choose to open it with Gajim. Gajim will show you a popup simply asking for your nickname.

If you don't use the xmpp link, you would join the chatroom this way:
- from the menu: Accounts > Join group chat
- choose your nickname
- the room is "tatoeba", the server is, there's no password

Unless you will be very often in the chatroom, I would recommend to just use From this web app, you don't need to worry about creating an account. Gajim is far from being user-friendly in my opinion.
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2018-09-02 01:49
Thanks, Trang. Just typing "" in the URL (address) bar of my browser did what I needed to do.
2018-09-01 17:10
Perhaps there should be a WhatsApp group as well. :-)
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2018-09-01 20:28
2018-09-03 04:09
On WhatsApp, you let the whole group know about your personal phone number by just joining it. I believe some people are not okay with that.