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2018-10-07 01:37
Three hours ago, Trang wrote a very reasonable post about the Kabyle flag, saying that we will need to do some research before deciding how to proceed. You can find her post here:

She concluded as follows:

"Last but not least, I would really appreciate if people could stop flooding the Wall with posts about Kabyle and Berber. You've had enough attention these past couple of weeks. This is becoming disrespectful towards the rest of the community who currently cannot use the Wall to discuss any other topics because the Kabyle/Berber topic takes the monopoly.

If anyone wants to reply to anything I've said, I request that you send me a *private message* because I'd like to give everyone a break from this madness. I may or may not have time to answer, but I guarantee I will read."

Unfortunately, even after her post, some people have continued to write on the Wall on the subject. I have hidden those messages, and will continue to do so, until there's something new to report.
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2018-10-07 15:00
At this rate we will need to start considering temporary measures for this crisis. I don't like it, but we may have to state that in the next two weeks or so, if anyone posts something about Kabyle/Berber, we will simply delete it.

Or I could add a blue announcement message, for a start.

If anyone else has ideas, feel free to share.
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2018-10-07 16:43
+ 1.

Since the situation is going to be solved by cueyayotl, I don't see why members like belkacem77 & co. are continuing to post messages even after Trang has posted this.


My suggestion is that if you are to delete messages about this, then please do it very quickly, otherwise the wall would always be occupied by this issue. I have been seeing this issue around for the last couple of days and nothing seems to be progressing. So please make sure there is a person who would delete such messages without any delay.

I myself have some many questions to ask on this wall these days.
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2018-10-07 18:53
> So please make sure there is a person who would delete such messages
> without any delay.

We cannot be monitoring 24/7 the Wall, we cannot delete messages without any delay. We have to rely on people learning to self-moderate themselves. Admins will make interventions here and there when possible but there will be inevitably periods of time where we're not watching.

> I myself have some many questions to ask on this wall these days.

Simply go ahead and ask your questions. There's no reason to hold onto them just because another hot topic is going on. There's been a few posts about other topics than Kabyle and Berber already, and these posts didn't get ignored.
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2018-10-07 19:00 - 2018-10-07 19:06

As a member of the Kabyle group, I will be happy and honored to answer all your questions related to my area of ​​expertise namely linguistics and Kabyle language specifically. l'm thankful for your efforts, and for the time you invest for the development of our respective languages, and the bonds of fraternity that you create for all humanity,

Thank you so much.

My deep respect for all contributors.


Kabyle language team member
2018-10-08 10:08
From my experience of forum moderation, the warning message on top of the wall is a good option for such a case. If then people do not "learn to self-moderate" themselves, we used to "self-moderate" them ourselves going up to a temporary ban, for people who cannot read and respect an announcement.