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2018-12-30 09:44
Standardizing tags

As far as I remember a few years ago a small group of members had the intention to standardize tags. Are they still working on it?
I see that many often used tags still have 2 or even more forms.
@needs native check vs. @NNC vs. native check
Dutch Belgium vs. Belgisch Nederlands
@change vs. change

I understand that it is probably impossible to standardize all tags, but it would be a great help if at least the most important could be standardized in some way.

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2018-12-30 17:02
We're still lacking features to make it easy to establish standard tags. Even if we came to a decision on what are the standard tags, it would be tedious to actually clean up the tags.

For instance as of today, there is no way to mass update tags. So let's say you want to merge all sentences tagged "@NCC" into "@needs native check", you can only do it sentence by sentence, deleting the "@NCC" tag first, then adding the "@needs native check" tag.
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2018-12-30 17:09
No, I mean that there are sentences that are in two places, one translated and the other not, when it is the same. Now I do not have an example in front of me because I get theme out randomly, but as soon as I can, I'll show them.
2018-12-30 19:07
Thanks, Trang! Yes, mass update is essential for standardizing. We will survive as it is now. Happy new year!