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2019-02-10 03:41
** Browsing List 907 **

For those of you who like to browse the latest additions to List 907 (English sentences I've proofread), you will need to do the following. Things have changed a bit since the the was updated to the latest version of CakePHP.

1. Change your "Number of sentences per page" setting to 50 or fewer. If set at 100, you will get an error message. I think you also need to make this change in order to use the advanced search setting to limit searches to the 710,000+ sentences on List 907.

You can access your settings here.

2. Instead of using the old (plain) URL, you will need to sort by created with the newest at the top.

This can be done, by visiting the old URL, then clicking "date added to list" and then after that page loads, click "date added to list" once again.

The faster and easier way to do this is to click the following URL and bookmark it for future use.
The end of the URL will look like this.